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Thread: Trend Micro customers suffer weekend mayhem

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    From Pattern File 2.594.00 may cause high CPU utilization
    Due to an isolated anomaly in the engineering, development and pattern release process, the UltraProtect decompression may, in certain circumstances, cause some systems to experience high CPU power consumption. This can lead to system instability when this specific file type is scanned using Pattern File 2.594.00.
    Anyone know what certain circumstances? I first saw this on and checked my pattern file, I was running the affected pattern file with no problems. The real problem I had was updating to the new file ( would not connect to the server for a while .) ( XP2pro, SP2 )
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    An ex- MS employee on payroll at Trend Micro? ? ?
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    One task I did not do before taking leave ... uninstall VET (computer Associates AV), and install (you guessed it) Trend Micro AV...
    But the It should not have worried our system.. (Pubic Holiday on Friday - complete shutdown for 4 days) no servers or clients running untill this morning.. (And My mobile is turned OFF)
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    An ex- MS employee on payroll at Trend Micro? ? ?
    Hardly! The Xp machine ( my newest one ) was taken over by my wife. I just keep it updated and running or I'll have hell to pay!

    Down here in my dungeon I am surrounded by older, some throw-aways, running everything from RH 7.x to FreeBSD 5.3.

    Back to my question:
    the UltraProtect decompression may ...
    Doesn't UltraProtect use Java to decompress? Doesn't the Trend Antivirus also use Java?

    Could that be where the problem was? I believe that machine ( the one that did not seem affected ) uses as the Sun Java Default Virtual Machine Version 1.4.2_08-b03.

    Any chance the machines that were infected are using the M$ version ?

    Just wondering.
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    "We apologize to the people, and we are willing to compensate them for the extra work they had to do (on) their machines," said Raimund Genes, president of Trend Micro for Europe. "It's a pattern file that we made a mistake on. I would say this is an isolated incident, but we have to figure out why it wasn't caught by the quality assurance."


    "I am really, really sorry for releasing this product ... [which caused] a lot of trouble for our customers and stopped your businesses working for more than two days," said Eva Chen, chief executive officer at Trend Micro. But the company will not pay compensation to individuals or companies, said Mahendra Negi, the company's chief financial officer. "We have been focusing on supporting our customers, we are not looking at compensation," he stated.

    Apparently Genes didn't talk to the CFO first or was 'misquoted'??

    Granted everyone makes mistakes but which is a bigger black eye for the company, the bad defs or renegging on the compensation issue (I never saw anything on Trend's site yesterday regarding compensation just what was in the article)

    Either way I still love their on-line scan for on-site work and one bad incident won't change that.
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    Hi, whatthe

    I have just had a quick look at Trend's financials. They look to be making around $160M for this fiscal. (I guess that is net profit before taxation and extraordinary items)

    Now I would guess compensation could run between $20M and $25M which would be 12-15% straight off the bottom line

    Not a difficult decision on the face of it?

    It will be interesting to see how their customer base and the financial markets react?

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