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Thread: Sorry, that book is a dangerous weapon..

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    Lol, so books and lighters are a no-go and you can still make a 'gun' from the matches and magazines... LMFAO

    I wonder how long till flying to, from and inside the USA will be 'hanibal lector' style all locked up wih minimal movement possibility..
    For first class passengers one free hand as the maximum freedom of movement

    But on the more serious side.. More about this and other laws can be found here !
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    That plastic seal trick also works for the mini bars in hotels... You can get the top off without breaking the seal and put some other liquid in there with a similar color.

    They tried to get smart about it so you have to call the front desk and get a code to unlock the fridge. If you pull hard enough... It'll come open. Then just make sure to put something in its place when you pull the bottles out. The machine will never know that anything was removed/replaced.

    The last time I did that was several years ago.. on a high school band trip. Yep... I was one of those "prep-school hippie geeks" We were not of age to buy alcohol... and everything we took with us was gone the first night. ROFL. I'm always coming up with stupid ways to "trick" the systems. Mostly before I was 18 so I couldn't get into serious trouble. I'm a lot more careful now.

    If anyone remembers that site thehorse is talking about... please post it!
    Us poor college type cheep bastards need all the workarounds we can get.

    Anyway... sorry to bring this offtopic.
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    I think they are gonna ban pretty much everything soon lol... im going to see my gf in Canada over xmas and i dont know how the flight is gonna be!
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    The stewardesses were tired of picking up after the inevitable paper ball fights that happen on long domestic flights so they've decided to restrict everyone's ammo supply. It makes sense.
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    This is all very interesting. I wonder why two books are "safer" than more.... Eventually they will insists we use e-books and that we have to use their e-book viewers built into the seat in front of you.

    I bet Microsoft gave the e-book viewers to the airlines and paid them to mandate the new rules.

    Yeah -- that's it.
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    I agree that banning lighters is a dumb move--just done as a "feel good" measure to make the sheeple feel better while they travel. That said, I believe when they said you'd be limited to two books going forward, they were referring to "books of matches" rather than books you read. Thanks to idiots like Richard Reid (the shoe bomber), we're now at a point where we can only be trusted with matches--but only two books of matches--cause we all know how dangerous grandma can be if she's given more than two!

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    They are talking about "books" of matches. The limit is 4 books of matches. Not books you read. There are many reasons for this but I can not go into that. Sorry.
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    Originally posted here by Cemetric
    Ok then maybe it's because of the article in this link
    I liked the line in the article, "Phone calls to Clinton's office were not returned. The New York senator is on a book tour."

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