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Thread: how to keep Free proxy on my site Free

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    Question how to keep Free proxy on my site Free

    Hi I have added a Free proxy on my site which allows users to surf blocked sites

    which is a free service bbut i think i cant afford it . It use 1GB/day. And no body click ads.
    Please tell what do i do to keep it enabled
    a>Charge money
    b>Disable Images option
    C>Remove it

    Arun Bansal

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    also check out a leks known feature of google at

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    Well the hard truth about Internet advertising is NOBODY CLICKS THE ADS!

    And as soon as you start charging for it, people will simply move on to another proxy which *is free. This would of course solve your bandwidth problem, however it rather defeats the purpose of having a proxy available for anybody.

    There are also legal problems you may face with running such a proxy, however I am unaware of the laws governing it in India.

    You should also realize that once you open up an HTTP proxy, almost any service can be proxied through it. IRC proxying through web prixies is a snap, and I am aware of a few ways to proxy SMTP through them, which would get you listed on spam blacklists.

    Perhaps you could keep good logs and let each user proxy one site per day or week or something... that would lower your bandwidth usage a fair bit.

    All in all, my advice is to discontinue the service. There's too many hassles involved IMHO.
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    Thanks for reply sir But my server is located in USA not India.
    And I only run http proxy.
    I think I will disable image service. As the log say the 80% of bandwidth was consumed by images .
    I will wait for 30 days if i get $30(i pay $1/GB) then I will continue else remove it .

    Arun Bansal

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