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Thread: Your Favorite Book(s) ?

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    One of my favorite books of all-time is Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451". As a kid I was also a big fan of Michael Crichton's work. Another favorite book of mine is "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.
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    anything by Chuck Palahniuk: "fight club" --- amazing ideas

    anything by William Gibson: "Pattern recognition" --- brilliant style

    Erich Maria Remarque: "Three Friends" --- you guys probably don't know it but trust me get this book and read it. it's absolutly fantastic

    Mark Z. Danielewski "House of Leaves" --- "" --- brilliant

    AJ Cronin: "Hatter's Castle" - dysfunctionality in 1879

    Dante Alighieri - "Divine Comedy" and i hate poetry

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    First off, I balanced out whomever negged Zombie. There's absolutely no reason to neg someone over stating what their favorite books are. Someone's a kurfing troll.

    Now: my fave books? Easy enough

    Anything by Heinlein, most especially Friday, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and Starship Troopers (not the movie, the book - this is a book thread, get literate.)

    I, too, adore the Harry Potter series, having all of them in hardback since day 1. I eagerly await the release of the next this coming summer (HP and the Half Blood Prince?).

    I also liked the Wheel of Time series by Jordan, both the Xanth and Apprentice/Adept series by Piers Anthony, and the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson. I'm quite partial to the Sleeping Beauty erotic fiction by Anne Rice written under her nom de plume A.N. Roquelaure, as well as her Vampire books.

    Mrs |ce enjoys romance novels like Gone with the Wind and Scarlett, and any books by VC Andrews. She's also into John Grisham novels, a taste I share with her.

    [edit]At risk of hijacking this thread I will post a PM I just received from our resident troll, unhappy, and address his issue:

    i negged him because he negged me for his own imaginary resons in another thread and this was the first thread i came upon from him. i guess the seniority here watches out for each other. you guys make me sick. i will negg him again in another thread anyway.

    in my country they say " the king is aways right when the excutioner stands next to him. "

    so ... i guesss YOU ARE THE ADMIN
    I'm quite sure if he found a reason to neg you, it was a good one. I'm also quite sure that to neg someone for something is for more than just 'because I can' such as you've done here. You REALLY don't want to get into an AP war with a senior member. It's not that we stand by him because he's senior, we stand by him because he's proven himself, something you quite miserably have failed to do. I am not the Admin, nor have I ever claimed to be. I am, however, your executioner. Enjoy the reds.[/edit]
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    how ... have I not proven myself...

    i have had my share of negs that i've deserved and i left it at that. when i feel i have been negged unfairly i neg back. i do have that right, don't i. my reds are not gonna hurt him, since he's already up in green, i know that. i was just trying to make a point.

    you leveled him out ... OK... but now you are just attacking me "because you can"

    so i had a disagreement w/ a guy .. so ****ing what..... it's not you business. you sit are level out threads as you see fit. WTF??! what's the point of the AP system then ... just bann the ppl you don't like. i can and have contributed to AO community but now i'm ****ing "blacklisted" because i got into AP war w/ a senior ... give me a break. just remmember you brought this up in a thread, not me, i tried to PM you and leave it at that.

    AHHCHHH ... why do i bother..


    i am not a troll...
    i am an ogre

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    can't you mature adults handle this in PMs? there is no reason for the rest of us to read this crap.
    in my opinion... its offtopic and pointless.
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    Now that I've actually posted in this thread phishphreak,you can safely say it's no longer a thread for mature adults
    Quite a few of those all of Dan Brown's..except deception point..the HP series is alright,so was Tolkien(LOTR did drag a trifle bit though I thought),no one with any Asimovs?the Foundation and Robot series remain favourites,as does Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'.I read loads when I have the time,which isnt that much any longer,I even enjoy P.G Wodehouse,so what?:P
    Also a lot of spy/thriller stuff...though Len Deighton and Ken Follet're overestimated in my opinion,Forsyth is not..Michael Crichton,brilliant..anyone read Prey in addition to Timeline?
    And c'mon Korpdeath and ZomBiemann77,let's have a few more

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    Go Dog Go

    An aside

    I didnt think negs were to be handed out in the general forums?

    Freedom of expression.

    Now if you are in a security forum and giving out bogus deserve to be negged...
    But just to neg people cause they negges you grow up!!!

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    can any of you guys recommend a book that you think it's great but it is not widely knows. something obscure, crazy, whatever. most of the stuff in this thread i read already.

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    I read like 8 of the Wheel of Time books before I said "wow, I'm really not enjoying this, I quit". I just didn't like them. I'm not into fantasy all that much. I did enjoy LoTR okay, and loved the movies (mostly because of all the beautiful boys in it though) although the movies bugged me cause they didn't follow the books, particularly at the end.

    Just finished reading Shem Creek by Dorothea Benton Frank. If you don't like the south, and you don't want a woman's perspective on things, these books are not for you. However, I love them. They're funny, and a pretty apt description of what living in the south is really like. I see enough of my family, my friends and myself in the characters in them that they make me laugh. Looking for Pawley's Island, her next book. I used to vacation there when I was a child, so I'm looking forward to it.

    Morgan, I went to a bookstore this weekend and looked for the other Marion Zimmer Bradley books but they didn't have any. I'm still looking though.
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