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Thread: spellcheck and program share? XP help?

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    Thanks for the advice....

    Do I have MS Word not copy onjline somewhere?.... I have WordPad but This is no good ? Thanks Darkes

    OK.... I have read some and love the RUN AS command in XP, but will try the Shortcut tip Foxyloxy,

    I have to deal with an email that tried to load "some program" fortunatley I caught it before it entered my registries,...."I hope"... :)

    Will be on later today, if I can more time to adjust my settings etc,...

    Oh yeaah the spell check on this site seems to use JAVA right? I have version 1.5.0 installed Spellcheck on this site just hangs like it is going to work,and says Please wait.... probably my JAVA setting in my Java Control Panel?/and or security settings, but maybe this has come up before and you can save me some time?


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    Nope, WordPad is merely what comes with WinXP, and is not MSWord.
    No legal free copies of MSWord are available.

    You need some type of MSOffice or MSWorks, both of which are pretty cheap in their basic form.

    As a simple workaround, merely use (CTRL+A ) to select all your text, copy it (CTRL+C ) to the clipboard, and paste it (CTRL+V ) into your Word processing program - WordPerfect in your case. Then spellcheck it, and correct any errors.
    Repeat as required - not the cleanest of solutions, but this will work

    Alternatively create the text of your reply in WordPerfect, and use the above to transfer the text of your reply to this or any other forum, or any new email.
    Just be aware that any formatting you use won't work, so stick to basic text, and tidy it up before you post or email it.

    Edit: Obviously your final paste should be to your email, reply etc.

    Yes, this site does use some form of Java, which I don't trust so I use the approach in the previous paragraph above to get around this.

    If you want to look at other spell checkers for automatic email spell checking, then you could try the suggestions at the bottom of my original link.
    Can't vouch for them, as I've never used them, but you may well come up with other options if you google for it.

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