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Thread: Exchange 2000 issue

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    Exchange 2000 issue

    Im having an issue with our exchange 2k server,
    i need to setup a new component. After i put the exchange 2k cd in the computer and it brings me to the componet selection screen, under action the only option i have is "none". it wont let me go any farther. maybe im just having a brain fart but seriously wtf? lol.... thanks
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    Hi linuxcomando,

    This might be a brain fart of an answer...but it's the best I can come up you have Active Directory installed?

    " As with any piece of software you have to configure the Operating System that itís running on. Well, configuring includes more than just installing a Service Pack for Windows. Active Directory has to be set up and fully functioning for Exchange to route properly and believe me, this will take time. If you already have Windows 2000 and Active Directory, then great, otherwiseÖ you have some work to do. Letís say that youíve already installed Active Directory and now ready to continue. Your forward and reverse lookup zones are correctly configured in DNS. The Active Directory Replication monitor has been saying that everything is working perfectly (for at least the past week) and there are no significant errors in the event viewer when you reboot your machine. Ok. Itís time. Take a deep breath, place the disk in the CD ROM, and watch for the auto run screen to pop up.
    Preinstallation Requirements

    Exchange 2000 depends on Windows 2000ís configuration much more than the previous versions of Exchange were dependant on their parent version of Windows. This is evident in the fact that Exchange no longer has a Directory Service of its own; it relies on Active Directory for User configuration and Server information. As a matter of fact Exchange depends on Windows 2000 for five key things, so understand these before you get into Exchange. "

    from here... Exchange 2000 Server/Enterprise Server - Review


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