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Thread: Proxies

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    Ive been hunting for a few places that have some good proxies, free/public of course... The only site that I have found to really be of use is:
    Anyone got another site to share?

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    I use the proxies from this website the only ones I do use are the anonymous proxy servers running on port 8080. You can get them from here: and also <---which is very good. IMO

    Here is a google search I did for you just to see what would come up here are the results:

    Hope this helps; Computernerd22

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    more.... tested for anomity

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    more.... tested for anomity
    And here is the biggest misconception about proxy servers. There is but one simple truth about proxies: they are not anonymous. If you care to test this truth, go ahead and do something stupid using an "anonymous" proxy. The term is as rediculous as the idea if you truly understand what a proxy is used for.

    You may be able to duck and hide from those who don't understand how networking operates, but in the end, you will be pwn3d by those who do and by those who you will meet behind bars.

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    Is there a way to use more than one proxy at a time?


    computer > proxy1 > proxy2 > site

    I have used the proxy switcher for firefox where you can set it to change your proxy every so often, but what about chaining multiple proxies?
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    Yes you can use as many as you want , but the speed is the problem because as many proxys you put as slower your connection to that site will be. So there is no need for long proxy chains, and as thehorse13 said it wont help you if you are about to do something bad
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    Would you please elborate more on "why" proxies and even multi proxies are useless in hiding the host computer from any attribution. Please?

    I am intested in tracking the intruder's down. I believe the term is called attribution.

    To know your enemy and how they act and their weaknesses of course is my goal here.

    Why/what can/should I be doing besides reviewing the logs and tracing the IP's?

    Thank you

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    Considering those proxies are more than likely college dorm room boxes and zombies they simply can't be trusted.

    All depends on who owns them and how they're designed. Something like tor ( for example (100 nodes now) which your connection runs through onion routers would be a better solution. I think it's encrypted between the onion routers too, so they don't know whats being passed through them either at any point of the routing. I'm not sure about that though...

    It obscures your identity but to what extent depends on a lot.


    I'm looking at tor and it looks like your traffic is encrypted until it hits the outer layer of the onion route. Wouldn't that mean that some kind of key would have to follow the path until it gets to the outer layer? And would that also mean that the routers have access to the traffic?

    So in short, how does the end of the route decrypt the traffic originating from myself, without making any contact with me (the entire point of tor) without passing a key along? If the source would know the destiniation, to say provide it with a public key, then the destination would know who the source is defeating the purpose of the onion route???

    Am I making sense?

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