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Thread: How do you earn points?

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    How do you earn points?

    I notice that a lot of people have points. How do these work? How do you earn them, etc?

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    Mostly for bullshit.

    I mean hell... I had thousands of the damn things on my original account (d0pp139an93r) and I didn't do a single useful thing here.

    Post a thread about how it's your birthday or something.

    EDIT: See? What did I tell you? This post didn't contain a single useful sentence. And I got points. roflmao.

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    I apologize for wasting your time. I will read the faq. I should have been more perceptive. Thank you for the replies.

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    insult people. Just blatantly make fun of them. Especially if they are popular or extremley unpopular. Eiher way somone will give you points.

    or give useful information...which ever you find easier.
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.

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    HAHAHA d0ppy, true, sad but true...

    btw: You can get points only if I assgin you some, so you better listen to me and worship me.

    Go get me a beer....
    O.G at A.O

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    F-Off MemorY, that newbie is mine.

    Reedarvin is my bitch now.

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    Kissing ass is always an option as well.

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    d0ppy, you don't have AntiPoint power to argue with me, step off bitch !
    O.G at A.O

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    I don't need AP's.

    My pimp hand is way strong.

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