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    Web Blog

    So just a vwery quick question - am quite interested to know who here runs their own web-blog?

    I've tried a couple of times and only manage to keep it up for a while - am starting to do one...AGAIN and hope this time to keep up with it. But was just wondering how much success other people were having?


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    I run my own but use Serendipity application for the layout. Seem to do ok with about 1000+ visitors a month (seems to be increasing since I started with the blog in Feb 04).
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    I have four inactive blogs that I haven't even tried to maintain at this point...I lost interest when I started to try to create my own web site...and I made one using Frontpage...then everyone told me to drop it and try something other than'm in the process of learning Dreamweaver and Mozilla composer.


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    I have a blog, but maintaining it is a pain. Im not in the mood to write often enough to keep it updated.


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    well i use
    from the google guys i think

    I am keeping it updated...
    it is easy to maintain
    it is only personal stuff that i post there

    in case u wanna visit :
    and you will be very nice if you click on one of my google ads

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