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Thread: Cant install MS security update. QFE Error help

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    Cant install MS security update. QFE Error help

    I am trying to install the XP embedded SP2 security update, when I try to install it extracts everything, then when it goes to the install page it comes up with QFE Installer -- Error. Cannot connect to the database - please check the database Setup cannot continue.
    I'm completely stumped. I have Windows XP Pro with SP2. Any ideas?

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    Is this from the MS site ?
    using the auto-update facility ?

    asked because I remembered this thread
    from ZT3000
    I used it on machines at work to clear the fault.
    Not sure about the update you're worried about.
    BUT it is something to consider

    luck to you
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    I take it your refering to this update:

    Ok possable areas to start looking:

    machines Security Settings
    you have Spyware/Adware
    You have a Virus
    Disabled Services
    Installed system maintainance tools
    Anti-Virus to bloody agressive
    Anti Spyware tools to agressive
    update being installed from read only media (only once and it was an update similar to this one)

    hmm that covers the most common causes of any update not running ahead
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    Yes that actually is one, then there is one after that, the 016 through 019 I think it is. They both do the same thing. I had things removed from start up so I went back into MS config and restarted them, loaded up and disabled all virus scanners. Did exact same thing. Doing a virus scan at the moment, pretty certain I don't have any, I just did one yesterday.

    I also checked out that other thread by the other poster, I believe that was just for automatic updates. I have the update downloaded directly to my PC. I tried his steps anyway though, same problem. Since I'm not really sure what the QFE database is, I'm not sure how to fix it...

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