Hi johnny~

I would like to add, are there many ASM based vulnerabilities that are intended for Intel, and therefore Apple's switch means a less secure platform?
1. They are not "vulnerabilities" as such. Vulnerabilities belong to the operating system and applications that you run.

2. Yes there is a lot of ASM malware that would only run in an intel/windows environment. However it is all very old, and Apple are retaining their operating system. I would say there is nothing to worry about.

The two dangers are that Apples suddenly become very cheap (which I doubt) and the market gets flooded with them

There is a very slight possibility that it might making cross-platform viruses slightly easier to write, but I don't really believe this, as I am sure Apple will get Intel to build the chips to their specification. I am also sure that they will use their own microcode, which is what matters.