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Thread: running two wireless routers with one cable modem

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    running two wireless routers with one cable modem

    Basically heres what trying to achieve.

    Internet---->modem---->encrypted wireless network(ap1)----->open wireless network(ap2)
    (acces point 1+2)

    I've been successful up until the last part of it. Everything is fine up to (ap1) the problem starts when trying to get on the internet on (ap2). When you first open the internet browser you are able to access the internet but after a few moments you are unable to get on the internet anymore unless you power cycle (ap2) and then the whole process starts over again. I know it is probably just a setting that I'm missing but any help would be appreciated.

    What I'm using

    Cable co.--->motorola surfboard 5100 (provided by cable co.)---->linksys wrt54g--->
    linksys wrt54g

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    Thanks guys, this solved a problem I was having with sharing my dialup connection through an old dell optiplex (internet gateway) and a microsoft router I had found on the side of the road somewhere. I had set the WAN subnet of the router and the wired NIC of the gateway as the same as the subnet on the other side of the router, and used NAT32 to route traffic from the router to the internet thru the gateway over dialup. It was giving me intermittent connection problems, and the traceroute wasn't detecting my gateway, but it'd detect everything else just fine. I couldn't connect to the gateway from inside the network nor from over the internet, but I COULD route packets thru for short periods of time.

    I had completely forgotten about the conflicts of two DHCP-offering devices.

    Changing the subnet on the gateway solved pretty much every problem I was having. Thanks again.
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