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Thread: running two wireless routers with one cable modem

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    thanks for giving me some more options guys as soon as i can try them i'll post back

    J B

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    Originally posted here by josby
    ...traffic from a IP to a IP on another subnet if you used the typical subnet mask...
    Josby is on the right track. If you have one ap running and the other running, and the subnet mask is, both aps are on the same network segment and will conflict with each other. To separate the network segments, you must run one ap on 192.168.1.x and the other on 192.168.2.x (or whatever your favorite private IP range is). Set the subnet mask to This makes it possible to set a range of IPs on one ap DHCP to - 255 and the other to - 255. This places the two units on completely different network segments. Configure one secure and one open, however you want.

    If you want your client system to use the secure net, set it up with the ap and security, then set that as the preferred.

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    Thanks everyone for all the help!
    I got it taken care of because of you.

    Rapier57 you hit it right on the nose. Once I changed the second ap's IP to the problem disappeared. i'm actually typing this through the second ap.

    this is what it looks like now


    it works great!

    Thanks everyone

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    Cool...all those times I've had to learn subnet masking for certifications and classes have finally been useful for something...hehe

    Just to be a smartass, you also could have changed your subnet masks to, giving you two subnets, and

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    Thanks guys, this solved a problem I was having with sharing my dialup connection through an old dell optiplex (internet gateway) and a microsoft router I had found on the side of the road somewhere. I had set the WAN subnet of the router and the wired NIC of the gateway as the same as the subnet on the other side of the router, and used NAT32 to route traffic from the router to the internet thru the gateway over dialup. It was giving me intermittent connection problems, and the traceroute wasn't detecting my gateway, but it'd detect everything else just fine. I couldn't connect to the gateway from inside the network nor from over the internet, but I COULD route packets thru for short periods of time.

    I had completely forgotten about the conflicts of two DHCP-offering devices.

    Changing the subnet on the gateway solved pretty much every problem I was having. Thanks again.
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