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Thread: Hardware Security Solution?

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    Hardware Security Solution?

    Gotta question to throw at you guys --

    For those who saw my other recent thread, I'm currently trying out different options in search of just the right comprehensive security solution. I've already explored PestPatrol for antispyware and Websense for a more comprehensive solution, but now that I've done that my boss posed a new question to me: Is there a hardware equivalent solution?

    You have the option of going with a software or hardware solution when it comes to firewalls, and hardware is almost always the way to go. But what about other security areas? Is there any piece of hardware out there that offers a more comprehensive security solution? My hunch is no, but I wanted to throw it out there just in case someone has found anything interesting. A hardware solution would definately be an easier to work with solution for us, if such a thing were to exist.

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    Hi AK,

    I'm assume this site has most, if not all, hardware security solutions...
    hardware security - Software, Hardware, Services and Research Papers Search Results for hardware security - SecurityFocus Product Research


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    Some vendor sent this to me this morning, didn't have a real close look (not interested) but you can check it out if you want.

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    Check out the products from 'EdgeBlue'. They have some really nice products that won't kill your budget for the next two quarters.

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    AK, check all of that, but keep in mind that many "hardware" solutions comprise of the software running on a stripped OS. Check Point firewalls run on Linux, Nokia IOS and other systems, but I'm sure you can buy a 'Check Point Hardware Solution' somewhere running their 'hardened linux' with the Firewall-1 package installed. Caveat Emptor

    You might find a solution...or you might find a plain jane platform package to look pretty, running a modified OS with a software package you had already considered. Might cost more, might not...make sure you ask plenty of questions and research other opinions (like you've done here!)
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