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Thread: Heat Problem...

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    TinManModder, I appreciate your help but the 2 posts you replied to are 6-7 months old ...

    When I applied the thermal paste I really didn't do much more... My computer runs fine... But I will be getting a new heatsink and fan for my processor and probably some kind of fan that goes into my PCI slot to help cool my video card... I might also add some kind of hdd cooler as well... Overall my budget will be about 100 bucks... Now I just need to get 100 bucks , spare money very rarely comes my way ...
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    I can't believe how much the ThermalRight XP90 HSF went up in price. I was just at a computer store and saw it for 57,000 Yen, and looked it up on NewEgg for ~$50. I thought it was a good deal until I saw this thread floating belly-up like a goldfish in a small tank and realized that HSF used to sell for $37. Man the scene has changed a lot. And now I need those XP90's...

    BTW, my somewhat new overseas HP Proliant server w/ 3.2GHz P4 processor runs that thing *cool* at low RPMs. It has a monster aluminum HSF that sucks air right out the back of the case with nice ducting. Unfortunately the hot-plug SATA drive bays are uncooled (and the drives are damn expensive in their trays), but this thing is tight on the connection I have in Japan. It may eventually be the off-site storage solution for my photography, or my web/file-server for close friends who end up with slashdotted content.

    ANyways, get a HSF with more surface area than the stock one. The ThermalRight XP90 would have been the way to got at $37. Enough mass to be a fair heatsink, enough surface area that a decent fan could transfer lots of that heat to the air to be expelled. BTW, I didn't catch what the Tiger dude said in your post - but I'm suprised his sales pitch wanted to sell the paste more than the HSF. The pastes are cheap to produce, and the only ones that I consider "good" (as in their contents are verified/correct) are OCZ & ArcticSilver.

    Yes your processor has the metal thing on top, but with how thin the material is there is very little thermal resistance and the heat transfers easily. To be honest even motor oil or saran wrap (wouldn't recommend it due to thickness) could likely pass enough heat from the processor to the heatsinks to operate, because it is so thin. AS-5 is a good interface material, but at the super-thin applications involved in mating the processor to the HSF lots of things would work fine. Such as the paste (only a 3c difference - the thermal resistance numbers are probably vastly different though for this small difference in temp). Just make it super-thin - a credit card or other plastic card could thin it up. A lot of stuff that shouldn't work, actually works due to the incredible thinness of the material application.

    Your machine can run cooler with a better HSF and good airflow to get the hot air out. If you're looking at replacing that, you might as well try a better interface material - it wouldn't hurt.

    Right now I'm needing to replace my heatsinks & fans (both of them) because I put it into a new case and even with my both of my AthlonXP-M's at 2.4GHz (133x18 - 1.75v) they get too hot and my computer becomes unstable. I'm convinved I could run the machine at 2x 2.5GHz (18x139) if I could load drop temps by 20 degrees (60c + 70c currently = 40c + 50c goal) but that involves a lot of work - with the Vantec Aeroflow HSF as the first thing to change. Then comes ducting to/from the processor, and finally more fans to move more air. But at $50 per HSF, I'll need more research before going with the XP90's...maybe water? :drool:

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    Stop pussyfooting a MAN ............go and buy a peltier, you know you need one.......... better get a can of windscreen de-icer as well. After all, you will need some way of getting rid of the icicles?

    And don't anyone dare say "peltiers are cool"......OK

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    I just did an analysis of the costs, and water would be some $180 or so. And I just found the Thermalright SI-97A for $35 ( ). It turns out the XP-90 is NOT compatible with AthlonXP, but that SI-97A is compatible. So I just saved a headache & found a cheaper source. I'm picking up my cooling for about $80-$90 (remember those fans) once I get back to Idaho.

    And I'm having fun in Japan. See my blog for some pictures:

    Specificially this night scape from the 31st story of the appartment where my new server lives:

    Cheers & goodnight.

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