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Thread: Cybersecurity's New Challenges

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    Cybersecurity's New Challenges

    Cybersecurity's New Challenges

    Steven Bellovin, professor of computer science at Columbia University and a longtime researcher at AT&T Labs, is an expert on networks, security, and why the two don't get along.

    In an interview with Wall Street Journal reporter David Bank, Mr. Bellovin discusses new threats from cybercriminals, how easy it is to intercept email, and what can be done to improve computer security.

    Mr. Bellovin, who also coauthored "Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker," says the biggest change in recent years is the profit motive for hacking.

    You can hear the interview at the URL below:

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    I am doing a Cybersecurity course and I wonder if you can help with this question or topic related to Cybersecurity for Data Centers running Web-Based Apps. If an organization has huge data centers used to store web-based apps, hosting mobile-apps, and storing huge databases to which all its customers connect via their mobile devices, are there any cybersecurity recommendations specific to these huge data centers? For example, I imagine that Facebook, Amazon, Google, have their own hosting services for all their apps and have all their data and source codes in huge data centers. Which woudl be the most important aspects to take into consideration to protect their systems, networks, and data from cyber threats?

    Thanks in adavance for any comments on this!

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