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Thread: Zone Alarm Update

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    Zone Alarm Update

    Hey all,

    any ZA users out there that havnt received a prompt . i figured id pass this on, there is a minor update avalible from the previouse version of 3.5.169

    Changes from previous ZoneAlarm Pro 3.5.169 release:

    Advanced hardening of operating system and network vulnerabilities
    Dynamic panel loading
    To download your update, please click on the link below
    you can find the download Here

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    Thanks for that drag0nsfyre. The update version 3.7.098 for those who are interested.

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    Definite thanks for the link, I run zone alarm pro and would periodically visit the site for updates only to find that in order to get them I would have to pay. I thought sure they should have a free update for current owners of the software but couldn't find it. Thanks again for the link.
    ][ neta1o ][

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    No problem glad that I could be of some help and pass on the Info

    take care,

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    neta1o - The subscription lasts for a year ( Ifinally subscribed!), so if yours has run out, you'll have to pay. I updated mine from within ZA - Overview - Preferences. I don't know, but maybe you can circumvent the payment method, download it and run it as a trial version for 30 days.


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    UPDATES take away free features and make you PAY for them after

    Yep, ZA use to allow sevral features like,zones and stuff when it first came out afetr updated these fetures are no longer avalible ,except on the "$PAY" version....
    I find most updates are doing this so be carful when updating, same thing happened with ftp-Le program too!

    UPDATES a scam to take the freebies away, but hey nothings FREE!
    Thats why i bought the software I use... :)

    Yep oK still applyies for 2005, Thanks for the Blinking advice

    10-4 over & out

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    dogman: Bleh, just a hint (boy, sure seems I do end up saying this alot, heh) but if you see a post/thread with a blinking date and/or if it's old.. most people don't like people bringing up old threads, catch what I mean?

    Just trying to help you out for future reference
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Check the date, that post was 2003
    it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay closed.

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    more-on dog-man.
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    I think this guy (dogman), is too much in hurry to reach a few tousand posts, see the guy wants to be senior member

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