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Thread: 2 way electrical circuit

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    Question 2 way electrical circuit

    I want to fix another switch to the light in the bedroom for my mom so that she can switch off the light from her bed. I need a circuit which will work as follows:

    switch on the wall => switch next to her => light

    ON => ON => OFF
    ON => OFF => ON
    OFF => ON => ON
    OFF => OFF => OFF

    In other words, the light should switch on only if one of them is switched on and not both.
    Any ideas?
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    Greetings: I would either suggest this.......

    Or this.......................

    Clap On.............Clap off.......................!!!!!

    Just kidding man.

    I would think a remote control lighting system, there are many of them. You could more than likely figure out a less expensive way to install one.


    Good Luck.
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    I don't know the english word.. it's called a 'hotel schakelaar' in dutch and a 'interrupteur va-et-vient' in french..

    here's how it works.. (DUTCH !!)

    I think the image speaks for itself..
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    Originally posted here by the_JinX
    I don't know the english word.. it's called a 'hotel schakelaar'

    Jinx as long as you accept that my 'hotel schakelaar' is bigger than yours I am ok with myself.

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    Or this.......................
    <sigh>... i wish i could .
    heh, but not in this lifetime.

    Thanks. Just what I was looking for. Looks like a little more work than I thought, but I think I can do it.
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    why not the normal 2-way switch?

    basicly a pair of single pole double throw switches

    scroll down to "Two Way Lighting".. there is the basic system..

    Now you could make a control circuit from the basic building blocks.. the pattern here looks XOR

    0 + 0 = 0
    1 + 0 = 1
    0 + 1 = 1
    1 + 1 = 0

    a single exclusive or-gate .. you can use a simple logic pack IC or build it out of transistors.. not that complex..

    but the 2 spdt switches looks more reliable..

    [Edit] JinXey has the original circuit.. I just didnt read the contents of his links untill now....
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    In the US, we use three-way switches to do what you are asking.

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    Okay, here's our points:
    A-, B-, A+, B+, Lightbulb.

    I think this should work... I have this light switch system all over my house.
    Go from A-, to lightbulb, to B+, and run the other wire from B+ to Lightbulb, then B-.

    Blah, that could be wrong, it's getting late, I'm sleepy... your local home depot fokes would without a doubt be able to tell you for sure.

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    what you need is two single-pole-double-throw switched, and then connect them agains each other...let me try to make an ascii diagram. or PM for further details :P

    / ---------------------------- \
    a--------> <------------b
    \ ---------------------------- /

    basicaly, switches A and B are identical, they have one leg where the power comes in, and two states, either 1 or 2, so, it will either send power down path 1 or 2 depending of how the switch is set, this means that both switches A and B can control the light because they simply need to have the same setting (1-&gt;1 or 2-&gt;2), to turn the ligh of, simply flip a switch, and it will become 1-&gt;2 or 2-&gt;1 which will break the circuit.

    This is atleast how we normaly did it.

    EDIT: ASCII art sucked something cronic!! used \x0160 rather than \x0032 to fix it (I hope)

    EDIT2: **** it, pm me if you want circuit diagrams...
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    Undies has it right. It's the classic 'staircase' scenario - one switch at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom. Both on == on, both off == on, one off one on == off.

    If I had my old BEE notes I'd post the diagram - it's not too difficult to wire.
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