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Thread: Firefox (1.0.6) home page changed

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    Firefox (1.0.6) home page changed

    OS winxp pro sp2
    Browser Fireox 1.0.6
    home page changed to
    when I set the home page to nothing happen.
    when i use the search box the result returnd from, while
    the home page is .

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    I haven't noticed a change here.

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    You probably set the language or something similar wrong. Generally a hijack would be a page nothing like google. I'm not going to those links, mainly because you mashed them together, but it seems like it's the .es version og Google, so I'm going to assume you set the language, or your OS is set on something not English.

    You did something wrong.

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    hi gore
    OS lang. arabic and english.
    Wep pages : arabic pages (windows-1256)
    English pages Unicode (UTF-8)

    hi Egaladeist

    "I haven't noticed a change here."

    coolcacmel .

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    Hi coolcamel,

    Sorry...thought you were trying to say that Firefox changed their homepage...that's what the title refers to.
    Realize now you're just refering to what you see on your computer.


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    hi Egaladeist.
    "Realize now you're just refering to what you see on your computer."
    gore realize it from the beginning.
    Its life, some realize this some realize that.
    anyway sorry for the mis-realizing.

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    when i did a search from the results where returned from

    try clearing your dns cache:

    ipconfig /flushdns
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    hi Tedob1

    when i try ipconfig /slushdns i get

    "Windows IP Configuration

    Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution."

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    Are you using an "anonymous" proxy or perhaps TOR? If you are using a proxy, google will resolve to the local domain for the given country.
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