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    Gore made them all worthless, come on! man .. some of them are really great ... including mine ..
    \"The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards - and even then I have my doubts\".....Spaf
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    He didn't make worthless....he did list a lot of SAME ones. Some really need to be deleted since they're just re-worded. And i don't mind if it not reall'y a tip.

    the one about the admin asking Backups ? What Backups ? tells somebody to always back-up data if you're a network admin....
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    Originally posted here by Negative
    It's too hard to check... those 5,000 you submitted full of spelling/grammar errors make it impossible...
    I submitted 18. And not all of them had spelling and grammar errors.

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    There are a ton of 'em to go through, no doubt. We'll have to see if we can find a way to list 'em all here so we can edit them and weed out the bad ones. It'd be interesting to see if anyone posted more than Gore!

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    Pfft, you know I go above and beyond the call of duty that's why you love me.

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    Okay folks, you asked for it, so here it is. First is the username of the person who submitted the tip, then the tip itself. If you want us to use any of these tips, then put it in this thread (the tip and user who submitted it so I can find it in this huge tip list).

    "username" "line1"
    "ZeroOne" "Starting a thread about AntiPoints is like playing Russian roulette - about every sixth get suicidal."
    "Quad" "Dissable access to c:\\winnt\\system32\\Wscript.exe & Cscript.exe and forget about malicious VBS code."
    "khakisrule" "Macro viruses can be just as harmful as software viruses, fortunately most word processing programs allow the user to disable macros"
    "huntx7" "Always have an AntiVirus. Get your firewall ready, and get a trojan scanner. Could mean the difference of all your data lost."
    "huntx7" "If someone asks specific information(like your ip address) just walk away or hang up."
    "Manic" "Never give out personal information. No matter how smart the person sounds or how nice they are, black hats come from all different kinds of backgrounds and social groups."
    "Noia" "Don't Say Nottin' if it don' mean Nottin'"
    "Noia" "When Making a new Password, you should Use Phrases, because they are easyer to remember and can be mutch longer, Conffusius alway's help's. ALWAYS remember to write down a password some where safe for the first few day's so you don't lock you'r self out,"
    "Prankster" "When using Trillian for ICQ, be sure to set your ip address invisible to other people =)"
    "noODle" "use: ""netstat -an|find:6667"" to check for opens IRC connects. If you are not connected but it shows open ports you might be compromised by a trojan"
    "theonlyone" "type: ti_rof_ksa (ha-ha)"
    "Azn_Acid02" "To avoid getting caught with exploits and holes: Check for updates/patches on your hardware,OS and software; maintain a clear reading of what everything has passed through the network; learn in-depth of what security risk(s) pose on all systems and try to"
    "khakisrule" "More configurable firewalls may be more complex but they offer greater control over what happens on a system"
    "doktorf00bar" "Free operating systems are always worth at least as much as you payed for them."
    "GreekGoddess" "You can receive a lot of great advice from the forums, but be sure to double check to make sure the information is correct before making any serious changes to your computer that may end up damaging it because the information is wrong."
    "Tim_axe" "Post minor site bugs that you find, and describe them a bit. PM JP the major ones."
    "Rewandythal" "Remember, try to read the documentation in full before you do something... It'll pay off later when you come acrtoss something unexpected which is mentioned in the docs but may not be part of the standard install method."
    "Manic" "make sure you place your thread in the correct forum, it may feel lonely and commit suicide :-D"
    "huntx7" "If you don't read the FAQ, pay attention to your replies, and APs, chances are you will get negative AntiPoints, or banned. Don't ask for AntiPoints, ask for knowledge, and be careful what you say."
    "ntsa" "Never install your o/s and webserver on the same drive and say goodbye to directory traversal exploits."
    "ntsa" "The secret of a happy life is to be interested in everything and everyone."
    "khakisrule" "There is a patch for Windows, it is called Linux"
    "DefCon11" "Make sure that the question your asking hasnt been mentioned before."
    "unixjim" "The longer and more complicated (eg. non-standard symbols) passwords, the harder it is to crack."
    "khakisrule" "If you use Windows, then you there is a patch out for you, it is called Linux"
    "Highlander" "A good SYSADMIN is worth their weight in Gold!"
    "Highlander" "Pipers do it with Amazing Grace! and so does Linux!"
    "Highlander" "If you do not understand computer security, do not become a SYS-ADMIN!"
    "jethro" "If mounting your floppy disk isn't working try ""mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy"". (Linux)"
    "huntx7" "Your never secure, well, unless you wanna unplug your computer."
    "p0rtsniprX" "Logs are there for a reason Read them!"
    "huntx7" "Remember, the people here at AO are here to help. Not helping you hack or teaching you how, but with knowledge and protection."
    "huntx7" "Please, don't use someones name as a password... Try a random password generator, maybe"
    "Warrior RFBF175" "Don't expect to be a computer expert on security overnight. The skills take a while to develop. Remember: only you know can allow yourself to learn what you want to learn."
    "redgore" "When downloading anything make sure you know exactly what it is. Downloading normal looking programs are the easiest way of catching a virus"
    "khopri" "well u wanna give soem grants at haze"
    "online crime" "never use comet curser software it has spy programs"
    "jethro" "When installing PHP, remember to disallow the function exec()."
    "khopri" "well u wanna give soem grants at haze"
    "reaper44" "people that deface web sites should not leave there web address "
    "xmaddness" "If you can't find it on Google try searching it on Alltheweb. After that, post."
    "trials" "Look before you leap you never know how big the drop is"
    "cwk9" "DonÆt feel like paying for Anti-virus software. Try AVG a free virus scanner with all the bells and whistles."
    "Rewandythal" "Some systems don't realise is the loopback IP and thus forward it to servers, if your server receives a packet with the source as, your firewall will allow it in unless you block on all your network interfaces (that is differ"
    "MrT" "When you get hacked don't blame the software, blame yourself!"
    "cheesegoduk" "Do a portscan on yourself everyonce in a while if you use Windows, to check for Trojans"
    "nebulus200" "Always turn off unused/rarely used services, hard to compromise something that isn't running..."
    "xmaddness" "DON'T ASK STUPID QUESTIONS!!! Its a waste of our time."
    "The3ntropy" "Remember, you are here to enjoy yourself, if you are not having fun in life, there is no reason to life."
    "Azn_Acid02" "Don't think more about what you know people can do to you, but more of what you don't know that they can do to you. Show every little piece of caution and responsibility when you are unsure about who you contact."
    "jethro" "For Apache admins: A useful addition to your site is to log any attempts to access the infamous PHF file and then ban that IP from your site (you don't need their sort around your website )"
    "jcdux" "Firewalls are like houses - if you don't maintain them carefully, the weather gets to them and they fall apart. Carefully select a firewall and consistently maintain it over time."
    "[WebCarnage]" "Flaming is a natural process one must undergo in their cyberlife. Please, for the love of God, don't take it too personally."
    "BritMap" "When you pick me up for the date, you can nix the Chocolate & Flowers, a motherboard upgrade will be just fine.... ::SmoocH::"
    "[WebCarnage]" "Scan attatchments BEFORE opening them with a trusted AVKit."
    "allenb1963" "Want to cut down on SPAM? When filling out web-forms that require your age, use the 'under 13' option and take advantage of the law that forbids the selling of information about minors!"
    "Tim_axe" "Help others in their time of need, as they may be able to help you in yours."
    "neel" "You will get addicted to AO if you not already are. If you are trie to be very clear to yourself. Say to yourself: ""go to bed at 6 o'clock"" or ""this is the last post for today"". It might help."
    "killahdragon" "getting the /etc/passwd file is useless if /etc/shadow exists when trying to hack"
    "bakerjay" "when you are doing right things the right way , dont bother about people -- stay secure !"
    "Tetrismaster101" "If you need help ask an elder."
    "alittlebitnumb" "Never run *NIX as root for everyday tasks. This opens you up to many security risks. Make a normal user acct for that purpose."
    "Sick Dwarf" "If your pc starts to hang, crash and give runtime errors, remove windows."
    "Electrolite" "Don't eat yellow snow."
    "xmaddness" "Always post the source of the page you take info from. If you don't, expect negative AntiPoints."
    "VicTheTraitor" "If you are using BlackIce Defender as an IDS then the attacks that of which the attacker is your own address are the attacks YOU are attempting..."
    "THEJRC" "Backups, while an excellent (and necessary) thing to have are completely useless if you cannot vouch for their stability. Test your backups often!!"
    "syrrus" "Only you can stop viral infection......Get an antivirus and be careful what you download."
    "huntx7" "Never, accept a call asking for specific information about your network, unless it's necassary, to help with your network."
    "z3ob0t" "The free disclosure movement will indeed make software vendors make secure products or else lose market share."
    "Tim_axe" "Disabling the option in BIOS that allows you to boot from a floppy disk can minimize your risks of getting a boot sector virus from a floppy disk. Just change your BIOS to boot from it when you really need to boot from your recovery / boot - floppy disks"
    "the_JinX" ".nfo are usualy NOT microsoft info files.... to view them best, use the MORE command in a dos box... or change the notepad font to fixedsys !"
    "phx2kid" "Never give out your credit card #. LOL"
    "grobyccil" "When install your system, don't connect it to Internet immediately. Patch first & install a firewall!!"
    "grobyccil" "For new installs of IIS, use a different directory other than the default (ie. c:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\ ). This helps foil exploits which look to the default folders to operate. (Based on zigar's Tip)"
    "Black Cluster" "Keeping the unnecessary protocoles enabled and the unused ports open, increases the probability of a full system exposure"
    "blackholdd" "fallriver"
    "subLeveLone" "A wise man once said, ""be careful who you trust""."
    "subLeveLone" "Do not anthropomorphize computers.....they hate it. "
    "unixjim" "For good security, get an antivirus program, a firewall, and hire an ex-hacker."
    "grobyccil" "Rename the admin account. That prevents brute force attacks."
    "problemchild" "In Linux, commonly trojaned binaries like ps, ls, killall, etc. can be made read-only (even to root) with the immutable bit. chattr +i <filename> Just remember to take it off before upgrading."
    "problemchild" "Many malicious Linux scripts run from /tmp. Place your /tmp directory on a separate partition and mount it with the noexec option in /etc/fstab to prevent them from executing there."
    "diman7" "081119860"
    "unixjim" "When in a Unix type OS, don't play with it in root. Remember the 'su' command!"
    "JCHostingAdmin" "A wise man once said,"" If it looks to good to be true or if it looks weird, it probably is. Leave it alone and don't touch it."
    "Ennis" "Research before asking a question! Search engines rarely fail!"
    "Azn_Acid02" "Remember to press the ""sign-off"" or ""log off"" buttons when you are on an account on the internet at another computer (and possibly yours if it is constantly used by others) to keep your account safe from use by others."
    "Remote_Access_" "NEVER do a low-level format on an IDE hard drive unless the drive has failed miserably."
    "Remote_Access_" "A rule of thumb when troubleshooting problems: Eliminate the simple things first."
    "reaper44" "never get pulled over by the cops while on an unregistered bike caryying a pillion"
    "roswell1329" "Passwords should be changed every 3-6 months. When did you last change yours?"
    "sebastion" "you can never know to much"
    "Neo" "Better don't post that is against AO rules than hiding it."
    "MicroBurn" "Don't forget to delete your temp internet files and run scan disk,and defrag, to keep your computer running smoothl and fast!"
    "dshafi" "crackers will use our security"
    "shkuey" "Thinking your security is flawless is a flaw in itself."
    "M/S Vin" "To add another level of protection, disable NetBios in Windows XP if you have a non-networked desktop."
    "MicroBurn" "Don't forget to drop by antionline IRC sometimes, you can learn alot there! 6667 "
    "aj67my" "It is a good idea to remove all floppy disks from the drive prior to shting down or rebooting, some viruses will scan the drive at bootup looking for a floppy to infect."
    "Jabberwocky" "Try to put something meaningful in the subject area of your posts. Just writing ""Help"" or ""Read this"" could get your thread ignored by a lot of members."
    "gamemaster6502" "The secret to secresy is to keep things a secret."
    "gamemaster6502" "Change passwords regularly, becuase you don't know what your co-workers can do with another's password."
    "gamemaster6502" "Most Virus Scanners Scan For Virii, Not Trojans."
    "black_death" "Don't surf the web using internet explorer extremely if your os is windows9x because i have found a flaw that gives people enough power to burn you into ashes"
    "JCHostingAdmin" "Patching vulnerabilities for system administrators is crucial. Make sure your software [and hardware] is up to date and patched when a patch come's out."
    "Syde" "If using a router to connect your network to the internet, Dont forget to Enable DHCP on every computer =]"
    "flamecruiser" "Passwords are like disguises. If you add numbers or capital letters, which are more features of your masks, you become more unrecognizable. So, include numbers and a mixture of letters."
    "flamecruiser" "Create a shortcut with 'C:\\WINDOWS\\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindowsexec' without the quotes as the command in your desktop to restart your computer at the click of a mouse."
    "m4liciousfoe" "Keep IIS up to date...ALWAYS Patch when updates are available, even a small time window will leave you as a prime target"
    "valhallen" "Everyone gets flamed once in a while - don't worry about it! However...Do look at your post and see why you were flamed. Don't make a new thread bitchin about it and the neg's you recieved as this will only earn you more!"
    "evilbob" "Complete Security is a direction, not a destination; You can go toward, but never get there."
    "digitalgadfly" "A firewall can provide substantial security from external attack, but that doesn't make it a cure-all. You should guard against the temptation to rely on your firewall alone. Instead, choose your firewall carefully, learn it well, and try viewing it as ju"
    "digitalgadfly" "Never underestimate the importance of keeping detailed logs. Not only are logs essential when you're investigating a network intrusion, they're also a requisite for bringing charges against an attacker."
    "digitalgadfly" "Backups are extremely important, not only in a disaster recovery context, but in a security context. If you operate a multiuser system, you simply must make backups. In a pinch, they offer an index against which to measure your current file system and pos"
    "zaggy" "Never take for granted that your system is secure. False sense of security can lead to disaster."
    "JCHostingAdmin" "Please, while on AO, try to write ORIGINAL tutorials. More than likely if you write a Copy and Pasted tut, we'll see it and one of us will catch it, ""expose"" the tutorial, and you will be negged. So please, write your own tutorials! "
    "Joey_Batch_File" "Thread suicide is like asprin, its a temporary relief of a headache."
    "Joey_Batch_File" "Don't rely on magic to protect your information.. Use good security practices..."
    "Joey_Batch_File" "One indicator can ignite your adversary's curiousity."
    "Joey_Batch_File" "Your trash could be an adversary's treasure!"
    "a_420_hacker_24" "The first step to trouble shooting is ""Make sure its plug in""."
    "Ennis" "Read, read, read and em, read, oh and remember to read."
    "TURBOWEST" "if you want to be accepted on AO you have to post on something that you know best"
    "FsrfRomRooTin" "Never open attachments with double file extensions such as NAME.BMP.EXE or NAME.TXT.VBS as they often contain viruses"
    "JCHostingAdmin" "In case you haven't seen lately, AntiPoint Alliances are frowned upon greatly, so DON'T have an alliance."
    "JCHostingAdmin" "Remember, hackers don't need brute forcers at all times.. Don't be dumb and put your password on your computer!"
    "cwk9" "To avoid being tarred and feathered make sure you give the faq a good read before asking a question"
    "Mahakaal" "Make sure to read and understand the post before replying, dont just skim over it, will prevent flaming"
    "gghornet" "You cannot stop an attacker,but you can make his attempts so difficult that he stops himself."
    "QuitLookingJP" "Watch out for SQL Injections!'"
    "roswell1329" "When coding in perl, try including the -T switch in the opening line. It will force you to check your user's data for malicious code."
    "MoonWolf" "When in doubt(about program execution) DO NO NOT use every key combination you now."
    "silentstalker" "If you think you'll get flamed for a question, google isn't gonna kill ya."
    "Green Bird" "If you have any questions at all, check in the FAQ before posting it."
    "geepod" "by definition a network is insecure as a network is all about access !"
    "silentstalker" "Don't be paranoid when it comes to viruses; but do stay alert."
    "Xenon" "Wireless access points should be treated as untrusted. One should assume any traffic that uses a WAP is being read by the world."
    "manpreet" "The best way to keep your machine secure from unauthorized access & intrusions, is to unplug it"
    "er0k" "Never use a magnetic screwdriver to fix your motherboard "
    "SarinMage" "Open source is kinda like free love, man.......peace..."
    "Ratman2" "After you THINK you have secured your system, have it tested. You may be surprised by what you find out."
    "Green Bird" "When posting be modest, but informative."
    "owensleftfoot" "Never eat yellow snow."
    "cwk9" "When ever you decide to do a fresh install of windows back up your data a day before you do the good old format c:. That way you have time to reflect and make sure you actually backed up every thing you need to."
    "ii-monk" "If you have an e-mail with an attached file with the extension of .bat or .scr and is sent by a stranger don't open even the e-mail(if you have Outlook 5) just deleted."
    "hackerdan" "Get 2 computers hack your other one for practice then do tweaking on it hack it again good practice..."
    "gore" "When asking a question in a post, be sure you are clear with what you are asking, saying the ""thingy"" wont work isnt really gunna help us try too help you."
    "Spyder32" "If using p2p software, such as Kazaa or any form of p2p program, scan the files you download before opening them. Many virii and trojans come from p2p downloads. Scanning them for them before opening them will help."
    "slarty" "Don't post a message in the security forums unless it's related to security"
    "gore" "When choosing a password, its best to kep it something not found in a dictionary and have numbers and letters, tmswa138 would be a pretty good choice, it has letters and numbers and is pretty random but you could remember it like ""The Misfits sing we are"
    "gore" "Before posting, first check out the ""searc forums"" in the top tight part of the site and see if its already been addressed, that way you arent negged and flamed."
    "xid" "Use SSH instead of telnet, it's encrypted and much more secure... evesdroppers won't catch your passwords!"
    "xid" "Update your virus definitions regularly, or they're essentially useless!"
    "xid" "Don't overclock your servers!"
    "xid" "Keep your operating system up-to-date by applying the latest patches, usually found at the manufacturer's web site."
    "xid" "Windows users: use web-based email or some other inbox viewer than Outlook, it's much safer."
    "xid" "Subscribe to a few security advisory mailing lists (ie Bugtraq) to keep up to date with the latest software vulnerabilities."
    "xid" "If you don't have antivirus software and your computer starts really acting funny, disconnect your network/phoneline cable immediately. You might have a trojan horse."
    "tiger25101978" "how can i find some eles password?"
    "Shyft" "Don't mess with a cop or anyone else who is willing to show his gun in public"
    "knoledgesponge" "Never try to hack the FBI's computers from home...Unless your life's goal is to meet an FBI agent!"
    "Striek" "To avoid spreading email viruses, keep e-mail addresses in a textfile rather than your program's address book."
    "SoggyBottom" "The only way to truely secure your machine is to unplug the network connection!"
    "Jnet" "If your going to use perl, php or another scripting language on your webpage. Make sure your server supports it first. "
    "mmelby" "If you start your NT/W2K password with a special character ( /,?,&, etc ) you will increase the hash size and make it more difficult for brute force attacks to guess it."
    "burnbythee" "All ways turn on the virus protector when downloading something or even when installing a program. If you don't that virus could get loose on your computer and destroy everything."
    "aeallison" "Alway show respect for the other user's POV ! Just because you ""can"" give the offensive (to you) newbie a negative AP assignment, don't, give him/her a positive assignment, and inform him/her of their error."
    "MicroBurn" "Sure, programming, web development, and other computer related projects can get hard. But...keep tryin' and we're all here for help. "
    "xmaddness" "';"
    "er0k" "If anyone ever asks for your password, tell them no. ANYONE, your ISP doesnt need your passwd to help you with a problem, remember that as well."
    "Negative" "If you're considering to buy AntiOnline, make sure not to forget to pay your moderators "
    "truly_hacking" "In hacking lingo, the fine art of gathering target information is called footprinting."
    "HurrayForSchool" "Be nice to newbies. Remember, everyone has been a newbie so you know how it is to get negged by fickle AO members."
    "HurrayForSchool" "Before posting a question, searth the forums for your question. The answer you are looking for has most likely been discussed, you just have to look in the right place. Newbies, this tip may save you a few negs."
    "gore" "when asking a question (afetr searching the other posts) always be specific, its aslot easier to answer a question when you give details to whats going on, saying something like ""my thingy isnt doing stuff or things"" rarely gets you the responce you want."
    "SoggyBottom" """Security by Obscurity"" is never a recommended mitigation strategy.."
    "deathmetal" "There is no point in having an antivirus on your computer if all you do is play games."
    "SoggyBottom" "If you are an administrator, be aware of social engineers. Whether it be in person or over the phone, always verify someones identity."
    "Exodus2002" """You hack to learn, you don't learn to hack"" - [Xaos]"
    "LoggOff" "Don't criticise the AntiPoint system unless you want the thread deleted or worse, to get banned"
    "midnight45cal" "Dissable access to c:\\winnt\\system32\\Wscript.exe & Cscript.exe and forget about malicious VBS code."
    "JenaLynn" "Don't whine about AntiPoints in the threads. From what I've seen, it's a bad idea, and you will get negged into oblivion and banned."
    "DennisM" "A Storage Firewall is a hardware device that provides instant recovery from virus and hacker attacks and automatically eliminates spyware -"
    "invader" "Post only at an average of 1 message per month, when you are a new member, learn the rules first."
    "invader" """Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."" -Rich Cook."
    "gore" "When installing new software, it helps to first read the manual and check documentation, that way you shouldnt have a problem installing and using it."
    "gore" " and serach engins are our friends, learn from them."
    "gore" "If your an Admin, Reading BOFH and a big dose of Valium can save you prison time"
    "ncl800" "If you dont already have a virus scaning software(like Norton AntiVirus)get one and update it weekly."
    "valhallen" "If no-one can find you no-one can attack you."
    "gore" "If your a Windows user and have a BSD or Linux type install go bad, remember that reformatting wont remove it from the Master boot Record, Get a boot floppy and at the DOS prompt, type in fdisk/mbr, this creates a MBR and everything should be fine from th"
    "gore" "save yourself alot of trouble, always always RAM (Read A Manual)"
    "gore" "Guidelines for creating a password: DO choose an obscure password preferably between 6 and 8 characters in length, of mixed case and containing at least one non-alphanumeric character such as ! or @ , change your password at regular intervals DON'T : cho"
    "optiq" """Personal Computers that are used for banking, accounting or for personal data storage should consider encryption. In the situation of compromise, it will definately help you sleep a bit easier."
    "Highlander" "Pipers do it with ""Amazing Grace"" and so do ""Hackers"""
    "Sneddz" "REMEMBER JP is a thief so make sure all your stuff is copywritten or he will take it and claim it as his own!!!"
    "t2k2" "Inside attacks are some of the most vicious since the attacker already knows your network. Watch the internal as well."
    "Muhannad" "i have to write an aseembly program on MASM6.11 about microcomputer hardware detection and peripheral troublshouting"
    "don" "If your not a programmer at least try and learn how to read source code. It will pay off."
    "Angelus" "Download applications and patches only from the primary download sites, or mirrors which provide some kind of checksum or signature to verify the download."
    "THE RADICAL" "A false sense of security is your greatest risk..."
    "blackhole_apm" "Aware of using doc file ,it stores more info than u think !"
    "silentstalker" "Never depend on one tool, such as a firewall, for all your security needs. There are different ways, and different approaches, to bypassing an obstacle."
    "psychosquee" "Don't ask stupud questions on IRC, unless you feel like being LARTed by someone or kicked."
    "invader" "If everybody knew that hacking was as easy as typing, there'd be no room for you. Take the advice, stop posting stupid, and Google Yourself."
    "younghwa_love" "¦«-*+·"
    "the_JinX" "Don't post a: which is the best/most secure *nix distro thread.. there is no such thing as a best *nix distro... it's the admin that makes it secure.. the rest is just a question of taste.."
    "July" "Worst Hack Ever - The Comic book guy"
    "^Mobius^" "Reward honest users. If someone finds a security hole, and they report it, thank them, or you'll have a lot of angry users with root."
    "^Mobius^" "Provide a small, safe, challenge for your curious users. It'll keep them safe, and you happy."
    "^Mobius^" "Try not to over react to a thread. It'll only result in flames, and neg APs. No one's happy."
    "^Mobius^" "There's no substitude for the manual (or Google, as it may be.)"
    "^Mobius^" "Google is God's Gift to Man."
    "^Mobius^" "Make sure you change your IP atleast every few days, especially if you have broadband."
    "^Mobius^" "Use letters from a sentence or phrase for a secure password. 17 You Have a Good Pass71=17YHaGP71 easy to remember!"
    "T0pCat" ""
    "T0pCat" ""
    "^Mobius^" "Mistakes are always fixable, especially if you're not on Root. Mistakes on Root have a way of ""stemming"" up, so avoid it when possible."
    "gore" "installing patches and security updates is more important than system uptime, system admins that just wont install a patch because theyll have to reboot should be kicked in the ass, would you rather be rebooting to install a patch or rebooting because the"
    "^Mobius^" "To the savvy cracker, any piece of information presents a way in. Limit the information given out by your machines, and especially by your _people_"
    "er0k" "Always check your php info site and for security breeches that you can easily turn off access to."
    "^Mobius^" "To avoid being banned, don't curse. Especially at admins."
    "Spawn46" "Just because something never happened doesn't mean it won't! Never forget this while working on security"
    "Dr Toker" "Think of your Computer, as a box, with a bunch of keyholes. Don't leave anything unlocked. Esp, the Windows."
    "^Mobius^" "Attacks, methods, and viruses are updated daily. Make sure you update your security just as often."
    "haynboi" "Use longer passwords consisting of numbers, letters, and alt+ code when applicable. It will make the passwords harder to crack."
    "sharky0o" "Remember new virii are found in mass bunchs everyday, update ur virus scanner's dat file so that u can pick up the latest viruses instead of spreading them around!"
    "subLeveLone" "It never hurts to be too paranoid! "
    "subLeveLone" "Always remember to encrypt sensitive data."
    "subLeveLone" "In the world of security, you can never have too many precautions!"
    "^Mobius^" "The manual is there for a reason."
    "zzzdawg" "Don't allow your computer to remember passwords. Keep them in a small address book and enter them manually. Use strong passwords (a combo of letters, numbers and characters), change them frequently!"
    "tatui" "Can't quit Vi? Just type Esc , then :q! or :wq if you must save the file."
    "invader" "Visit the ""Users Online"" Link, you will find a lot of new information you didnt hear of before."
    "tyger_claw" "Use misburn cds as coasters, save the planet "
    "tyger_claw" "Your question has probably already been asked, search the forums first!"
    "gore" "rmdir -fr *.* this is why they say create a less powerful account for daily use"
    "gore" "If you ever get a Virus from downloading kiddie pron, step one should always be grabbing a sticker and popping it on your forehead that says ""I deserved it""."
    "Noia" "What to do If your being Hacked: Unplug and wait..."
    "englishgirl1" "Follow up security inductions with regular training so staff stay alert to threats"
    "englishgirl1" "Make sure all visitors check their camera equipped mobiles at the reception desk!"
    "zrekam" "Hackers are the reason we have focus on online privacy and security."
    "h@rdb@ll" "Security is not just protecting yourself from others, you must protect others from yourself."
    "Trust_Not_123" "The most useful thing you will learn in life is this: ....Be Right Back"
    "Jo-W" "Create backups! (virus won't do it for u) "
    "er0k" "If your goal is to be banned at AO, do yourself a favor: go look in the mirror and realize you aren't wanted. No one loves a pre-quitter."
    "^Mobius^" "There is such a thing as too much security. Don't use more than there is need for."
    "Jo-W" "If the devil aks ""sign my contract and be the best hacker ever!"". Say""NO"" and goto:"
    "Xenia" "Using SSH is much better than using Telnet and FTP as info can be sniffed, SSH provides an ultra-secure way of exchanging info..."
    "vescovono" "HP-UX Passwords - characters that have special meaning to the tty driver, like: # (erase) and @ (kill), should be avoided."
    "strandedthinker" "The most highly sought and admired are the ones who start from the prime of the subject..."
    "er0k" "Write Tutorials for other users. They write them for you, you write them in return. Share your knowledge with the world. Its the only way to true open source."
    "Dominaterx" "If you can a problem or a question,first try Google ( nothing turns up then use AntiOnline forum search tool located at top right corner of the AntOnline homepage then post.If its your first time posting please read the AntiOnline"
    "ged" "Make secure passphrases easily - Diceware <>"
    "King of CaveMen" "Having to many security programs on your box is like having 10 home locks, you only need 1, 2 is good, 3 is really safe any more is over kill and remember, it doesn't do any good if the door is left unlock. Configure!"
    "Tim_axe" "Try to ensure that your workstations on the network only have authorized or approved programs so that you can feel safe when you've check off all of the updates for your software."
    "daxmax" "Don't open any emails with macros in them, and be careful with those that spread .com (batch files) in your email, they look like urls."
    "MAJESTIC-12" "Dont tell anyone your IP / DNS or MAC address of your computer... same goes with Usernames and Passwords!"
    "rollin5150" "dont post any truth cause the ao ******* will neg u to death"
    "KorpDeath" "Stay away from politics topics on AO."
    "rollin5150" "to avoid gettin neg'd, avoid common sense"
    "Highlander" "The longer the password, the better off you are!"
    "Highlander" "Do not use words for passwords, use a combination of letters and numbers!"
    "Highlander" "Do use Telnet to log into a linux box, Use SSH, and it is Free!!"
    "Highlander" "If you have a Broadband Connection, Use a NAT Firewall Router Like a Linksys"
    "VenomFrogg" "Never use your real name on the internet."
    "hatebreed2000" "remeber google is your friend, and if your computer related quetions still arent answeard then search the forums."
    "backtrails" "Happiness is like peeing your pants, Everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth"
    "RITESH GAUR" "If you are new to Internet/internet that i bet you may think FIREWALLS are the best,BUT firewalls thinkd bad boys are outside the network only,but the fact is most of the bad activities are from insiders"
    "Blankman71" "Never be afraid to ask questions. This is a field that requires knowledge and sometimes, the only way to acquire such knowledge is to ask."
    "ChrisWuk" "Make sure your Anti Virus software is updated regulary as new Viruse are made/found every day !"
    "VenomFrogg" "Don't post if you are a newbie, people will neg you."
    "Uhu" "Guard your Laptop like gold. Set boot- and harddisk passwords. Secure it with a cable-lock at your workplace and even when you leave it in the luggage trunk of your car."
    "Euclid" "Just because your a geek don't mean you have to spend every living moment with your computer!!! Dont forget about your XBOX or PS2"
    "kilerboots" "Every time you download a file that your not sure of make a restore point."
    "reaper44" "Dont stuff with your mouse settings on linux Distros (know from experience) lol"
    "g00n" "It's only truly ""secure"" if you've unplugged it."
    "gore" "To not get banned, dont be a ***** "
    "kilerboots" "Always make a extra boot up disk, you never know when something is going to happen to your computer, or just to make the backup.If you don't know how to do it i'll tell you. Simply click start, go to settings, contol panel,add remove programs and click th"
    "\\/IP3R" "No Matter How long the password is, its maximum age is 24 hrs. Make sure you change your password every other 24 hrs."
    "gore" "z3r0c00l: how do i get inside a bank? Answer: walk in the door. what do i use to crack mail accounts? Answer: howabout the deltree *.* command?"
    "kilerboots" "Always remember to look at your fav search engines before posting. And also make sure that your question hasn't already been posted."
    "kilerboots" "Get a firewall and it will help you penatrate milious hackers/crackers."
    "kilerboots" "Try to make a password that no one will ever thing of, try to use UPPER and lower case letters and number in your combination and it will be harder for someone to get into."
    "kilerboots" "Don't always leave your password the same because if someone figured it out but then you changed it so often then they would have to go to the extra effort."
    "kilerboots" "Just one thing read!!!!!!! Reading will improve your knowledge tremendously."
    "kilerboots" "You always want to try to be anonomis on the web, get firewall and proxy servers to help you."
    "treetop" "Don't overlook the obvious. It may be the answer to all your questions."
    "Syini666" "Make sure to set a BIOS password to prevent someone from tampring with the system clock and bypassing an account lockout policy"
    "SittingDuck" "Read AntiOnline once a day, to help keep the hackers away!"
    "X-ZQTIONER21" "eat egg daily"
    "X-ZQTIONER21" "eat egg daily"
    "tonybradley" "You can't do security half-way. The facade of security is no better than no security at all."
    "gore" "if you work in a big company make sure your employees are security minded, a good acting social engineer can wreak havoc."
    "gore" "never let anyone you dont trust near your 9X computers, a floppy disk witch a simple batch file with C:\\ copy *.pwl a: can really be threatening"
    "Lebb" "When making cables for networking use the right tools"
    "Muhannad" "descending timer (help)"
    "Muhannad" "descending timer (help)"
    "Jak_ddl" "If you click on the START menu and right click on 'All Programs', then click 'explore' you will be given access to a lot of folders that are normally hidden."
    "shadow_dancer" "Port configuration includes specifying a port's authentication settings and/or assigning a default role to the port. Authentication is the process where end users must log in to define their access rights to network resources."
    "heymorton" "has anyone cracked sachs version2 screensaver yet"
    "intruder" "Never keep very important info like credit card numbers , bank account number in your PC , and if u want store it encrypted."
    "sickyourIT" "use both capital and lowercase letters when passwords are case sensitive (ex: nG1Neer2003)"
    "modafar" "Instructions_process_per_cycle"
    "modafar" "Superscalar processors are hardware organizations capable of executing several instructions"
    "Jupes" """The greatest threat to security it thinking there is not threat."""
    "RITESH GAUR" "Mouse is 8 times slower than keyboard,so try to learn shorts-cuts see the diifrence."
    "GaijinNick2003" "Never use dictionary words in your passwords. They are very easy to crack."
    "Syini666" "Don't post a ""What is your favorite?"" thread, everyone has already had enough of them."
    "ChrisWuk" "Kazaa is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get !"
    "flaxseed****er" "a sock is a good way to prevent mom from see your masturbation ejaculate on the wall"
    "PuReExcTacy" "For better security, make sure passwords have a minimum of 6 characters, are alpha-numeric, contain special characters and non printable characters."
    "modafar" "Arithmetic coding"
    "Tetrismaster101" "Wear a seatbelt when driving/riding in a car/truck/suv it will save your life, and the time of others. scraping the remains of your ass off the street!"
    "doc crontab" "If you have a router like Linksys make sure you disable the remote admin feature!"
    "Tetrismaster101" "Be sure to Log out before you exit the site."
    "nix347" "If you want stability and security use linux."
    "xfue" ""
    "s0nIc" "Use different e-mail addresses for personal and other stuff. Set a level of security based on the importance of each of your accounts."
    "catch" "Social engineering works both ways. Try a root login script that returns ""permission denied"" for every action until it is disabled couple with whoami aliased to ""shutdowm -k now""."
    "tampabay420" "don't nmap the internal network... it really upsets the admin(s)... if you want to know what services your network offers , just ask!"
    "slarty" "Post non-security related questions in chit-chat"
    "FrameWork" "To prevent NetBIOS attacks, disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP."
    "MemorY" "Before you post a new thread ..please search the forums for a similar thread ...for we dont like answering same Questions every day "
    "doc crontab" "In Windows Explorer tools/content click autocomplete and make sure that web address's fourms and user name & password are unchecked for security reasons"
    "natureferity" "Mail can't print in outlook, following error message about"
    "swiftstyles" "To Avoid Having Your Database Flammed, Set A Post Size Limit"
    "UnknownError" "hjfh'"
    "Dr Toker" "Even if you dont give out shell accounts, patch up PTRACE."
    "Jeff Lei" "In a perfect world you should defragment your computer once a month. It will take a few hours and disable your Anti Virus software while defragmenting your computer."
    "doc crontab" "In outlook express make sure it"
    "doc crontab" "For security reasons disable html in outlook express and make sure it's configured not to send a return recipt"
    "MemorY" "First Google your question ...then ask us "
    "gore" "When doing updates and sys admining on your *NIX box, dont let the urge to go on IRC get to you, you should NEVER IRC as ROOT"
    "oso_1_" "dont have to many passwords. you'll forget them!"
    "oso_1_" "when useing a public computer check it for keylogger type programs first."
    "doc crontab" "If you use Internet Explorer make sure you disable the autocomplete option"
    "doc crontab" "For best results for defragging your drive reboot into safe mode and run defrag"
    "mark_boyle2002" "Never call your administrator account administrator. Simple"
    "phyt0n" "da real matrix rules"
    "NeuTron" "Computers are irrational"
    "D0pp139an93r" "Never let your girlfriend borrow your laptop."
    "doc crontab" "During a security checkup go to and click on have I been hacked to see your ip was reported recently"
    "CyberSpyder" "sticking power cord in water ===== zap"
    "MemorY" "Don't ever post information how to crack, disable, or bypass a security application."
    "geepod" "dont eat yellow snow"
    "Jtkiefer" "Confuscius say shutdown properly or face dire consequences"
    "Be0wulf" "Maintaining a SECURE network is like trying to solve an Algebra problem by chewing bubblegum"
    "mystic7" "Dissable access to c:\\winnt\\system32\\Wscript.exe & Cscript.exe and forget about malicious VBS code."
    "Ishbar" "The most damaging thing to your computer can be a bad user. Becareful who you let on your computer and watch them if you can. Inexperianced users can destroy your computer by accident."
    "spliff" "free virusscan"
    "spliff" "free virusscan"
    "gore" "Before installing another Operating System or partitioning your HD or installing new hardware be sure to make back ups of your data and make sure you have a boot disk for the current system in case something goes wrong. Also if you install another OS and"
    "Und3ertak3r" "When you post a HELP thread. Please post back with the outcome.. Solved or not.. It helps ALL of us learn.."
    "NullDevice" "After submitting a thread, please don't forget to read it yourself, to know if can you make sense out of that, before others say ""please make it clear""."
    "SirDirge" "Your network is only as secure as the weakest link in the chain. Make sure that you constantly update and install the newest security patches for your OS!"
    "whizkid2300" "When in Microsoft windows, go to options and then to save and you can password protect your document. Good way to keep noisy people away from your files. )"
    "thesecession" "Want to test your hacking skillz? Afraid of getting caught? No worries here-"
    "MemorY" "If you are a system Administrator make regular Back-ups .... If you are a ordinary computer user make Back-ups !"
    "MemorY" "Visit the website of your OS and/or of any hardware you own to see if there are any updates or patches."
    "MemorY" "To avoid getting flamed , dont post useless posts and dont give off the topic answers."
    "MemorY" "On windows even praying can't help you , if you don't know what you are doin !"
    "d00dz Attackin" "When disabling services on bootup, with ""msconfig,"" try to run ""services.msc"" instead."
    "NullDevice" "To every problem there is a solution. And for every solution there exists another problem."
    "d00dz Attackin" "Windows are the easiest to break, but doors (Linux) take more time to break."
    "KinoEye" "When in danger or in doubt run in circles scream and shout!"
    "valmont" "u can stop 1 of us but u can't step us all.. tremble in yr sleep, bled in yr sweat.."
    "Tiger Shark" "A firewall with a service port open to an unpatched/unhardened machine is no better then no firewall at all."
    "redbeam" "When storing critical data on a network, make sure the critical systems with this data are not connected to the internet, i.e they form a Demarcated Zone. Thus even if an intruder gains access to the network, he won't have access to your critical data."
    "SUcrewguy" "If you create a thread, make sure that the title is more informative that just ""Help!"" or ""IMPORTANT!!!"" A well titled thread can go a long way especially helping others finding it later."
    "Donna Martin"
    "THE RADICAL" "Always verify that you have the correct information, misleading posts will confuse others and get you negged."
    "Nightfalls_Girl" "Dont mess with the best ov em. unless u wont ur but hurt to hurt.. ""this does not come from personal experieances"""
    "x acidreign x" "Do Until life=0 Breathe IN Breathe OUT LOOP"
    "gore" "Don't be an idiot, RTFM."
    "deftones12" "Run NMAP or some sort of port scanner on against your own machine every week or two to make sure no unnecessary ports are open."
    "j3r" "To make a strong, easy to remember password, think of a phrase you can remember, then use the first letter of each word and the punctuation."
    "j3r" "Writing your hard-to-remember paswword on a stickie and putting it on your monitor is bad. Writing it on a piece of paper and putting it in your wallet is not so bad."
    "steve.milner" "Smile manically at the person next to you, giggle and then look away. People will be much more creful with you in the future"
    "Gravity" "If you use P2P software often then be sure to use a spyware detector such as ad-aware every so often."
    "Cyanosis" "Remember before you say a question that you probably thought about asking it yourself before."
    "]D_][_][v][_]D" "Dont use Kazaa"
    "S\\/\\/IVEL" "****! **** **** ****!"
    "Zetaphor" "Spyware & Adware are growing problems in todays security. Use software like AdAware or SeekBot Sear & Destroy to keep your system clean"
    "Und3ertak3r" "When checking sus-emails. The To is as important as the From and attachment."
    "Plastic" "Take time to find a good firewall... even the simplest of firewalls can help prevent the worst from happening!"
    "gore" "Don't run as root unless you need too. the more things on a system running as root, the easier it is to own the box. Why do you think when you use an IRC client as root you get auto banned?"
    "Nightfalls_Girl" "Electricution HURTS"
    "MicroBurn" "Think your questions though before posting, it gets really annoy seeing dumb posts... and make sure the exact same question wasm"
    "MicroBurn" "Think your questions though before posting, it gets really annoy seeing dumb posts... and make sure the exact same question wasn't asked yesterday, repeats get annoying too."
    "White_Eskimo" "Don't forget to log out of "
    "Nightfalls_Girl" "If I hear the word Hotmail and any word acocited with hack in the same sentance again im gonna scream,,,,"
    "White_Eskimo" "Don't forget to delete your Private Messages to conserve bandwith!"
    "Syini666" "Planning on leaving the site? Don't start a goodbye thread, dont post junk to get banned, just walk away."
    "FrameWork" "If your running Win2k or XP, type services.msc in the command prompt and disable any unnecessary services."
    "valhallen" "If you don't like getting neg ap's then dont post bitchin' about them when you do get some as you will just get more."
    "valhallen" "If you don't like AO don't visit it."
    "Muhannad" "I have problems with my SQL statements...... if you have examples about them till me about"
    "Showtime8000" "Always ensure that ALL of your e-mail headers are shown; you may end up recognizing spoofed e-mail before it causes much headache!"
    "Nokia" "Where did you backup to??? C drive!!"
    "SirDirge" "When making a new user for XP computers start off by naming the account with random letter and then go back and change the name. That way it will be more confusing for a hacker to find My Documents."
    "jetherson" "Never try to hack hotmail or yahoo mail, or even ask about it. uh:"
    "Fred Brown" "Before surfing the net: 1st get a good firewall and set it up right. 2nd get an Anti-virus program and get it running and check your system. 3rd get an anti-trojan program and run it. 4th get an anti-spyware program up and running and run it. 5th go to"
    "WhiskeySugar" "A firewall is like vitamins. You can't see it but you believe it is there and it works. Do without it and the body is vulnerable to attack."
    "D0pp139an93r" "Linux."
    "Nokia" "If you have a problem with a device, your system information will be much more helpfu,l than just going to your device manager and seeing a yellow question mark."
    "white_pawn" "Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity"
    ":Singh:" "Encrypting the encrypted doesnot make a sense."
    "Und3ertak3r" "If you have a problem Start a thread in the Appropriate Forum.. Don't request Personal support sessions from other members, except by invitation. Two reasons, one.. it is not helpful to the rest of the board and Two, Other members like to help But May no"
    "r8devil" "When configuring home firewalls, do not allow everything at first and then open up only what is needed to be used regularly. Set another set of rules for seldom used ports and programs and only open when required."
    "Nokia" "If you are posting a question about your network - Include as much information as possible, like what hardware you have (routers,switchs etc) how many clients, how they are all connected to each other etc."
    "White_Eskimo" "Your computer is always correct, blame the programmers who wrote the program that isn't working properly."
    "NullDevice" "Most people are busy and they tend to answer only those problems whom they can address. Seeing your post title, lets the person know what is the question. So always coose an apt title for your post. Choosing stupid titles, which cant explain your problem,"
    "White_Eskimo" "Your firewall should be your best friend."
    "White_Eskimo" "Always make sure your virus scanner is up to date..."
    "Hexem2000" "To limit the risk of attacks always update your software and turn off unwanted services that you dont need"
    "reset_button" "RTFM I suggest this to ALL the n00bies RTFM"
    "White_Eskimo" "Computers are perfect...programmers make the mistakes..."
    "Limpster" "Before you ask a question, Look it up on Google. You'll Almost always find the answer"
    "spools.exe" "Roxio's GoBack will save your life someday"
    "Nightfalls_Girl" "allways make shoure ou have worranty, evean if it means purchising it seprat.. Nightfalls_Girl"
    "spools.exe" "I hate Spamm. We need ot remove a user called ""Reste button"". Everyone must assign negs to him."
    "spools.exe" "When thinking about eating a n00b you must remember to first ask Nihil if that particular member tasts good."
    "riya_here" "Before making any editing in registry, take a copy of it. You might need it, if something worse happened!!"
    "mnchur" "a proxy is great but if incorrectly configured it will only provide a false sense of security..."
    "White_Eskimo" "Never surrender!"
    "Turmoil" "Always makes sure that you get the latest anti virus updates! They can save your computer! And a whole saturday afternoon of formating your HD's "
    "spools.exe" "I would recommend learning the Command Prompt Commands For Your OS. You'll need them someday."
    "tekno" "Would you take candy from a stranger? Then why open an email attachment from someone you don't know."
    "White_Eskimo" "Don't drink while working on your computer...keyboards and beer generally don't mix well together."
    "IrIsHASSasIN" "Never open an attachment with a format you are not farmiliar with."
    "h3r3tic" "The most secure connection is no connection"
    "White_Eskimo" "Firewalls are only as powerful as the people who configure them..."
    "h3r3tic" "don't press the shift key or you'll get sued"
    "White_Eskimo" "Computers are perfect...programmers are not!"
    "White_Eskimo" "Water and keyboards don't mix well..."
    "MicroBurn" "There are far to many Linux or Windows threads, there are programs to test operating systems out. Each person's prefrence is different, go with what you prefer."
    "|The|Specialist" "Never as a question then flame a senior member... we know more than you do "
    "maxim_86ualb2" "want a free website the best host is"
    "cleanbash" "Partition your HDD, run your system on C and store your docs on another partition. Make an image of your C partition and if the system crashes all you have to do is set back the image. Don't forget to make a regular backup of your documents."
    "AlkAzAA" "Dont stare yourself blind on technical solutions, it's the people behind the screen that makes a difference"
    "disc0rd" "Having an internet slowdown on your LAN? Running Windows 2000? Check the user profile, general rule of thumb is, if the profile is bigger than the amount of RAM on the computer, you need to shrink it!"
    "Nokia" "Women and computers... they dont mix!"
    "Und3ertak3r" "When replying to a thread CHECK THE DATE, it can cause confusion when Year old Threads resurface."
    "mark_boyle2002" "When posting a new thread trya dn give it a descriptive name to allow easier searching."
    "mark_boyle2002" "Avoid the shrimp at IT conferences."
    "Nokia" "Partitioning your HDD and instaling your O/S into one partition and everything else into the other partioton will save a lot of data loss and heart ache when you have to reformat and reinstall windows!"
    "Striek" "The only thing worse than no security is false security."
    "catch" "Never give subjects (processes, users, whatever) more power than they need to perform their task."
    "catch" "Use roles rather than users. People come and go and this allows role rotation to keep everyone honest."
    "catch" "Standards are your friend. Someone else with more resources has already done what you are trying to do and has already found the pitfalls, the roadmaps they develop become standards."
    "catch" "Security is the direct result of assurance. Assurance is the direct result of simplicity."
    "White_Eskimo" "Don't drink and drive..."
    "whizkid2300" "If you get an Email from someone you don't know with an Attachment before you open it scan it with an Anti-Virus. Even if it is from someone you do know Scan it with a Anti-Virus."
    "neohunk" "make ur password somewhat long & never include ur name add phone no. etc as these r easy to guess"
    "TidaLphasE23" "When asking questions, using your manners is everything."
    "disc0rd" "When updating any type of server, its always good to keep a spreadsheet on any updates/changes made to the server in case of a crash."
    "VicE$DoS$" "Remember! When posting replies to threads its best to use a keyboard."
    "adiz" "Google Is Your Best Friend."
    "Aden" "Cops can not pull you over if your drunk, surfing the information super highway."
    "deathmetal" "To avoid getting spam, don't give out your e-mail, even though some places request it!"
    "White_Eskimo" "go to for some geeky stuff!!!"
    "KosherLinuxBeef" "Make them remember you before you get banned"
    "KosherLinuxBeef" "Only post if you know what your talking about if you are new, otherwise, be prepared to be banned in less then 3 days."
    "Sm0kinP0t" "Besides using a FW and AV,make sure u stop by some know vuln newsletters n sites.They'll often know about vuln first then your patch suplier."
    "fraggin" "Avoid actions that will cause animosity within your IT Dept. This can lead to untrust among those who you need to trust. Then Doubt. You want to know your staff members will not be sabateurs."
    "morganlefay" "Put Screens on your Windows.....keeps the bugs out"
    "el-half" "Make sure to download the latest patches for your OS wether unix or not, to install antivirus and a firewall."
    "zigzag_8336" "Never Pet Burning Dog's!"
    "zigzag_8336" "Change you're clothes daily."
    "SonofGalen" "Most users will try and take as many shortcuts as possible, and end up creating security holes. To avoid this, give them a clear way to do things, and shut off everything else. If its too complicated, they either won't do it, or they'll end up breaking"
    "SonofGalen" "With any *nix, no matter how bad you screw up, you're okay....unless you're under root."
    "SonofGalen" "No amount of software can save you from being clueless."
    "SonofGalen" "The only time your system is too secure is when you can't access it yourself."
    "SonofGalen" "I'd rather let a Daemon (BSD) run my computer than let in the demon that is Windows..."
    "SonofGalen" "Just because software says it doesn't have spyware doesn't mean its telling the truth."
    "SonofGalen" "Just because software says it doesn't have spyware doesn't mean its telling the truth. It could always be bundled. Just look at Kazaa."
    "SonofGalen" "Don't post when you're angry."
    "SonofGalen" "Don't post in anger."
    "SonofGalen" "He who flames best, gets banned."
    "SonofGalen" "The master programmer translates symantics into syntax. That is how you will know him."
    "Katja" "If you need information, don't just use Google. Also check out for more information!"
    "Lucider" "There are only 10 kinds of people - those who understand binary system, and those who doesn't."
    "FrameWork" "Get firewall, antivirus, and anti-trojan software and keep in mind that you are a potential target for hackers! Better safe than sorry!"
    "zigzag_8336" "A router may be used as a firewall and is usually more effective."
    "twistedzombie" "Use diffrent passwords for diffrent logins."
    "gore" "The best way to crack into hotmail is the deltree command in Windows 9x. Just type ""deltree C: *.* /y"" without the quotes of course. It opens a secret tool Windows does not want you to know about, and then will act like it is deleting files. That is desig"
    "gore" "Remember that Virus writers rely on your stupidity for their code to work right. Install Linux and join the millions who laugh at them."
    "gore" "Never bother your admin at work. A good BOFH WILL get you back! A $20,000.00 phone bill is only the start."
    "gore" "Neer open files with a double extention. A file called ""song.mp3.exe"" might as well say ""PhuckMyPC.exe"". Don't open them. Or for that matter, any other .exe .bat .scr and so on that you recieve."
    "GbinaryR" "Knoopix a new version of linux can boot from CD without setup. Very good."
    "Soda_Popinsky" "Switching to Linux is half the battle."
    "zigzag_8336" "Don't pet flaming dogs."
    "SonofGalen" "No amount of security can protect unless you stay updated with security in general, and your own computer. Read the logs, and update your software."
    "SonofGalen" "Using a computer is like making love to it. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll cut yourself up on the wires and chips, and wind up in the ER."
    "GbinaryR" "The best programmes for your system's defence are Zone Alarm 4, TDS-3, Spybot-SD 1.12 & Ad-Aware 6.181, Norton AV 2003"
    "mygbcpage" "Help save bandwith! Host your avator on your own site and make the world hapier!"
    "Incarnate" "The ignore feature is there for a reason, USE it."
    "Sweetlissa" "Don't click a link unless you know where it will take you!"
    "zigzag_8336" "Before you ask a question, type in you're problem at and see if there is an answer there."
    "slick8790" "Don't post unless you have something to say..."
    "ub3r313373" "DIE!"
    "Ennis" "Remember prevention is the best cure "
    "spurious_inode" "(Applies to Solaris 9 and above) Need to kill a zombie process on Solaris? Try 'preap PID'."
    "spurious_inode" "(Applies to Unix) Need to see the date and time the system was last booted? Try '/usr/bin/who -b'."
    "spurious_inode" "(Applies to Unix) Need to get yesterdays date? Try /usr/bin/perl -e 'printf ""%s\\n"", scalar localtime( time - 86400 )'"
    "spurious_inode" "(Applies to Unix) Neet to find the number of available imodes on the local system? Try df -i, or on Solaris /usr/ucb/df -i"
    "spurious_inode" "(Applies to Unix) Need a listing of all files and directories on your system? Try 'ls -lR / > file.list'"
    "gore" "This is a hacking site. But we are NOT going to help you with a B&E question. Ask another criminal to help you break in and enter."
    "Galdron" "Knowledge seeked out correctly, is intelligence gained, Knowledge given, is a Damn good feeling."
    "gore" "A system crash will happen right after you have deleted your back ups. Make sure you have copies."
    "adityaa1" "when in doubt,close the port!"
    "vyom786" "If you Can Deeam Any thing ,then You have aility to done this job."
    "DeathIncarnate" "Defrag weekly, brush your teeth nightly"
    "Tetrismaster101" "Remember Firewalls And Anti-Virus Software Work Hand In Hand."
    "FlamingRain" "Beware of geeks bearing gifts."
    "JagFire19" "Confucius says: When times get bad, love your computer, don't hate it."
    "legionaire" "Programs can secure your pc only 5%, the least 95% is up to you..."
    "legionaire" "Have you ever wondered why people with no idea on security stuffs make such stupid questions like ""How i'll hack my friend's hotmail?"""
    "legionaire" "Always remember: Search engines are your best friends"
    "qod" "Security is a layered process, and there is no hardware that will operate at all the layers."
    "qod" "The best security policy is where different layers of security measures operate seamlesly amongst each other"
    "qod" "Security is a process."
    "qod" "If you want to learn Security, then use linux, you will learn more and you will have more choises"
    "qod" "Before asking question you need to read the manual and search google."
    "vx1100" "Stay away from P2P programs they are virtual breeding grounds for viruses and other things of the sort"
    "qod" "Firewalls do not know anything, so if you do not know how to configure it then there would be no use of it."
    "qod" "There is a major difference bettween a Hacker and a Cracker."
    "Dr Toker" "With larger, corporate networks, make sure your network security team, is well paid. You entrust alot to them."
    "hexadecimal" "Be nice to newbies cause remember you were once new too but if one more asks to hack hotmail you have the absolute freedom to bash them"
    "gore" "No matter how much you spend securing your box and servers, most people forget about physical security. Do a google search for social engineernig and learn to protect yourself."
    "DISLEX" "A system is only as safe as those who use it. Train and study. Teach and learn. Share and repeate!"
    "extremez" "PassPhrases are generally more secure than random generated passwords. Trying to remotely brute force ""ThisIs1SecurePassword"" is difficult if not unfeasible as compared to f38djKl."
    "extremez" "GOOGLE.COM GOOGLE.COM GOOGLE.COM GOOGLE.COM Run some searches before you post a question, it may give you a quicker answer, save yourself from looking like an idiot or at least let you post an informed question."
    "mikester2" "P2P networks contain many viruses, watch out !!!"
    "Death Harvester" "The AV & Firewall is your first steps to secure your system, otherwise, you are vulnerable."
    "mikester2" "Security is a state of mind"
    "vecci" """What one man can think of, so can another..."" - Anonymous"
    "killjoy" "logs"
    "Cheshire1" "a test for quick tip"
    "tyfon" "Even the most secure system can be compomised thanks to"
    "ikalo" "Always think twice before you click some button or hit ""Enter""/""Space""/Esc. Think one more time if you want to doubleclick something."
    "JohnHACK" "Please scan your harddisk at least once a week to make sure your HHD in good condition."
    "HDD" "Not installing programs to their default path name (ie: C:\\Program Files\\...) can make the hackers life a lot harder."
    "HDD" "Paranoia makes the admins life easier, and the hackers life harder!"
    "hellforgedangel" "Dont presume you are safe because you have a firewall. You need to check the logs and keep it up to date."
    "cgkanchi" "If you're tired of your all the nasties you can get in Internet Explorer, go to and get Mozilla Firefox, the best browser, period."
    "FlamingRain" "Don't assume using crypto is the answer to your security problems. Just because the lock you use is hard to pick doesn't mean someone won't kick in your door."
    "kruptos" "Schedule training for your co-workers about network security. Social Engineering, incident response, and a general 5 minutes of network security discussion can go a long way."
    "PhenZen" "Having anti-virus software is great, but if you don't update it it is useless."
    "Lightning_Girl" "Remember if your computer freezes on you press Ctrl +Alt + Delete twice and it will completley shut your system down. Then just turn it back on."
    "R0n1n" "Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability; the goals of a good security policy."
    "disturb" "make sure to keep your anti virus updated"
    "disturb" "You should'nt try to make people mad"
    "disturb" "think before you post"
    "disturb" "make sure to keep your anti virus definitions updated"
    "riya_here" "You can avoid most email viruses and worms, just by not opening the attachment from unknown addresses"
    "agent.idle" "For new Linux users...after you enter your user name in the login screen and press enter, don't start typing in your password until the prompt comes up. If you start typing early it will echo the text in front of the password prompt. This can be a bad thi"
    "x acidreign x" "Please spay or nueter your skiddies"
    "FlamingRain" "Assume everything you type online can be seen by everyone in the world. Don't try to make the world think you're an idiot."
    "gore" "Only run as root when you HAVE to. When you are doing basic system administration, use the ""su"" command to become root from a command line. This way you can do what you need to, like updates for example, without running your chat client as root, which is"
    "Syini666" """I agree"" posts are useless if thats all they contain, add unique and important information, or just PM the person rather than wasting bandwidth, resources and time."
    "disturb" "Use peer to peer software carefull lots of them have lots of spyware anf adware"
    "s25" "When a admin asks you for a password,think to yourself if he is the admin then why does he want my password"
    "Highlander" "Never get caught between an ISP and a telco in a pissing match!! The customer looses every time!!!"
    "gore" "Don't ask how to hack Hotmail Lamer!!!!"
    "rwarren" "it sucks being stranded i nthe middle of the ocean on in intertoob without patches, moral: life without anykind of patches sucks"
    "AxessTerminated" "Broaden your horizons. Don't always stick with one area of expertise. If you know C, may as well learn VC, C++, VC++, or JAVA. You should also conitinue to learn about other languages, their uses, and advantages over others. Be sure to know atleast one OS"
    "disturb" "Its a very good idead to have a seprate trojan scaner (antiviruses dont detect all types of trojans. they just detect the most common ones"
    "Highlander" "Never get stuck between an ISP and a telco in a PISSING Match!!! The customer always looses!"
    "cacosapo" "Be sure that all SNMP passwords are changed from the default one (public), in special for Internet connected devices"
    "cacosapo" "Rust never stops. Keep your security rules updated"
    "TheSpecialist" "Read what is on the homepage before even bothering to sign up here."
    "TheSpecialist" "Try not to drop the soap "
    "embro1001" "Always be sure to set your Administrator password in Windows XP Home, which is blank by default."
    "embro1001" "Computers and Air Conditioners are a lot alike...they both work fine until you open up Windows..."
    "Nielsosky13" "Firewalls always help, but most passwords are stolen by social engineering, when the hacker just asks for your password. You aren't safe until you are well educated on this topic."
    "TmBerg" ""
    "unit321" "Its easy to spoof an email, so dont be fooled so easily. When dealing with confedential information, always confirm the email hasnt been spoofed by using an IP, secure chat, or something like that."
    "fyrewall" "Trust No-one!"
    "hexadecimal" "Wireless networks are great, get to move from ur chair to the bathroom and sill talk to ppl online, but remember to add encryption, even if it is only will still detour the avarage S.K. from seeing ur passwds"
    "adiz" "if you can remember your password it is probably time to change it"
    "jpluta" "Set Scheduled Tasks to Defrag your computer once a week. You will find the speed of your computer almost doubles!"
    "Highlander" "Never plug into an unknown network (especially Hotels/Motels) without having your firewall turned on!"
    "Highlander" "My 2 cents: Never get caught between an ISP and a telco in a pissing match!! The Customer Looses Everytime!!!"
    "kevler" "to catch a hacker...think like a hacker"
    "hjack" "The skiddie you flame today, could be the one to root you tomorrow. Why not re-direct his energies?"
    "kevler" "never trust anybody in cyberspace"
    "gore" "If your home page gets changed to something you didn't change it too, or you see your home page and it's a bunch of links and or porn, then you probably have Spyware, and should get Ad-Aware, and Spy-Bot Search and Destroy. Google for the sites to downloa"
    "mmkhan" "when insalling windows plug out network (lan) wire from the system and install the OS, then firewall and antivirus and after that plug your system with network. Else in the other case u will be slammed by any worm"
    "hellforgedangel" "No service, No DOS atack. Remove unessicary services to decrease vulnrability."
    "SDK" "Respect the Antique! They been member of AntiOnline for a while and they deserve respect like old persons."
    "KorpDeath" "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It just wastes your time and pisses off the pig."
    "Tim_axe" "PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT ISN'T THERE! (and should be!) If a company won't tell you the whole story, they're probably crap. In both software and hardware."
    "Zonewalker" "Always, always check the integrity of a backup before you delete the original files!"
    "MilitantEidolon" "It's simple a network will never be 100% secure, unless you are unplugged."
    "luv_kido" "Try to keep your network devices uptodate with the latest firmware, specially those less utilised and spares, a stich in time saves nine."
    "d00dz Attackin" "Distrust and caution are the parents of security. - Benjamin Franklin"
    "keezel" "Password protect the administrator account on your computer or else it's almost pointless to have a password protected account."
    "muert0" "Select the flag of your country and always list full model numbers and specs for someone to better help you."
    "gore" "The manual really isn't there for the purpose of taking up space. Use it."
    "hexadecimal" "remember the top 3 things for security: Passwords, firewalls, logfiles up the wazoo"
    "er0k" "Understand that hoaxes are a problem, and that they do great harm. Don't forward emails of virus alerts until you are sure it is indeed, a threat."
    "er0k" "The best security you can have is to turn off your pc/internet whenever you aren't using it."
    "er0k" "To help avoid spam, never give out your email address arbitrarily without reading the privacy policy. And if it doesn't have one, don't give out your address!"
    "Negative" "Be a Geek and be Proud of it! ANTIONLINE MERCHANDISE!"
    "MoonWolf" "Help us help you, give as much information as possible. (What is the situation, have thins like this occured before, what did you do,etc...)"
    "Spyder32" "New member's at AO are STRONGLY encouraged to read the Old AO FAQ as well as the New AO FAQ"
    "Spyder32" "You and your user's can be your greatest downfall or can be your sucess. Choose One."
    "Spyder32" "You can easily be your own network analysis tool."
    "¬opy«ight" "A network is only strong as it's weakest user !"
    "moxnix" "Whining about getting negative antipoints usually just gathers more negative antipoints."
    "nirvanist6" "Never use the same password everywhere , and change them often."
    "er0k" "If you have a question, and want a detailed response, remember AO has a vast collection of tutorials located here - <a href="""">Security</a> & <a href="""
    "er0k" "Power failures can cause harm to your machine(s) as well as surges, spikes, etc. Buy a surge protector to reduce this risk."
    "er0k" "Remember to make a bootdisk for your operating system, if your computer dies and you can't load your OS, you can get your data back."
    "fyrewall" "When installing an OS it is better to create 2 partitions on your HDD. One (a smaller one) that your OS will be installed onto and another larger partition that you will save all your files to. This saves losing all your data when formatting and reinstall"
    "Sick Dwarf" "The best way to protect your web application is to assume all its users will try to destroy it. NEVER trust data provided by the user. ALWAYS check if it's valid."
    "intruder" "Firewalls sometimes conflicts with yahoo messenger voice chat, But still keep ur firewall always up coz security is always first !!"
    "fraggin" "Before Going into an IT meeting, you can prepare yourself by making a list of questions that you are sure to be asked."
    "fraggin" "If you find Outlook 2003 failing even in safe mode, try to remove and add the profile back first."
    "fraggin" "Don't forget to load the support tools from the Windows XP Pro CD. It is packed with time saving utilities."
    "naviaulakh" "Avoid most of the crack sites. Exploring them means they are exploring you. They just puts your system down by loading tons of adwares, spywares and adult dialers"
    "gore" "Physical security is just as, if not more important than, network security. For example, if you're away on business, if you have to use the restroom, take your laptop with you, but DO NOT make the common mistake of putting it near the wall of the stall. I"
    "¬opy«ight" "Before suggesting something, think if it's gonna benefit the community as a whole and not just a member and/or group."
    "x acidreign x" "Macs are like women, no matter how beautiful they are, somebody, somwhere, is tired of putting up with their crap."
    "x acidreign x" "When coding error messages, be careful as to wording. too vague and you make troubleshooting a nightmare, too specific and you could give away valued information, especially when coding authentication processes."
    "Konshuss" "Never use the internet without a good firewall & antivirus software (otherwise you wont last long)"
    "FanacooL" "Windows98 Users.... If something goes wrong and you are unable to load your windows normally then simply boot in safe mode command prompt and restore your registry with this command.... scanreg /restore"
    "hexadecimal" "Key to starting a good thread: When you have a question remember to search it yourself first..then come here and when you ask your question be relaxed...just type what ever you would say if talking to an actual makes it alot easier then just"
    "SecGod" "Computer security is something learned from those that are willing to teach"
    "gore" "Go into /etc/securetty and only allow tty1 and tty2. You've now made your Linux / BSD box a little more secure by disallowing Log ins over SSH and any other PTTY and TTY other than tty1 and tty2. If anyone wants root they need either physical access too t"
    "FanacooL" "Before implementing Access Control List on the router be carefull, cause this can lead to the congestion on the network."
    "comp_custom" "Your antivirus software is only as good as it is up to date.Sow keep it up to date."
    "kurt_der_koenig" "Scheisse! Thats what you will be saying if you don't update your stuff! SO check it>update>and thank God for Chessey Poofs!"
    "ileboy" "hacking"
    "karmine" "Always check your registry every day. you will learn what things are normally in it and when things that arent normal pop up in there. also check ur win.ini's run= line. sometimes things will pop up in there that youll never notice. And check your ""add/r"
    "Riot" "A firewall is only as good as its administrator."
    "littlenick" "If you don't understand some technical terms or don't have knowledge of topic being discussed use google.This way you will learn a lot."
    "Highlander" "Always check your network for hidden wireless Access Points"
    "Highlander" "The only perfect Admin I knew was Nailed to a tree by his Peers!!"
    "gore" "If you admin Netware 6, remember, RO flags wno't help with the newest in Macro Viruses or any other for that matter. Flagging a file RO is NOT enough, it only helps."
    "Winds8929" "Before posting questions: Search Google!, Search AO!, and as Gore always says... RTFM! and if you don't find what you"
    "Iron-Kurton" "When setting up home wireless networks, be sure to encrypt the connection, make a mapping between ip addresses and mac addresses (which forces static ip addresses on all the pcs), and that you do not broadcast the SSID."
    "gore" "Security by Obscurity can be better than some think. After all, a Password is nothing more than security by obscurity, as soon as someone finds out what it is..."
    "unhappy" "when you are removing spy/ad-ware from registry or your system in general do it in SAFE MODE"
    "hexadecimal" "CLICK YES TO INSTALL 30009 SPYWARE helps to read before you click ""yes"""
    "Opeth" "Limiting CGI codes to special directories on the server gives the administrators control over what goes into those directories."
    "dmorgan" "There are 2 types of people in the world, GUI people and Command Line people."
    "dmorgan" "If you're using beta software for evaluation, please remember to report all problems/bugs to the developers so they can fix them before the final release."
    "gore" "If you refuse to challenge what others say and think, organized dis-information reigns supreme. Research things on your own and challenge what people say even if you're not sure, make THEM wonder if they are sure or not. You may be wrong at times but the"
    "zencoder" "Choose several strong passwords that are easy to remember, don't use 1 strong password you'vememorized for several accounts."
    "Black Cluster" "Hardware work better without Windows."
    "ByTeWrangler" "Update all your software on regular basis, install and configure and a nice firewall, do regular anti-virus scan, use any other browser except IE (like firefox). And you are secured halfway"
    "gess~da~devil" "Use PASSPHASES instead of PASSWORDS for more security."
    "The Duck" "If your using windows XP, always boot into safe mode and create a password for the default admin account, otherwise it's a huge physical security risk."
    "XTC46" "t@1king 1ik3 thiS iS 0n1y 0k Wh3n m@king p@ssW0rds!"
    "PacketThirst" "Security is not a product. It is a process"
    "Black Cluster" "You don't need to be a security guru to survive at AO. Stick to the rules, ask related questions, post in the right forum and you will be welcomed aborad."
    "ZT3000" "Wireless not working right? Could be due to nearby interference. Try using non-overlapping channels (1, 6, 11)."
    "ZT3000" "Remember this when adding Win98 to an XP install: NTFS formatted drives are not natively supported using Win98."
    "ZT3000" "Save time and Energy: If you have to do something, do it right the first time. If you don't, you'll spend twice to three times as much to fix it the way it should have been."
    "ZT3000" "If you get the choice to choose either a password or a pass phrase, take the pass phrase. It's more secure and easier to remember."
    "ZT3000" "If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, check your event log viewer files once a week for recurring problems that may need your attention."
    "scratchONtheBOX" "To avoid the common mobile virus, always turn your bluetooth mobile off or at least hidden. And be careful accepting any blutooth or MMS message from an unknown source."
    "Black Cluster" "It is a good practice to change you server software error messages, this makes it harder for hackers to identify your server software. NEVER EVER accept anything as is."
    "Black Cluster" "Security is practice no art"
    "Black Cluster" "When you neg a poster in a good thread, first green the thread and then neg. This prevents making the thread negative."
    "gore" "When you are doing an upgrade or installing a new OS, make back ups. The power can and has gone out during an upgrade or install, and you can leave yourself with an un-bootable system and need to re-install. Personally I've had the power go out 8 times in"
    "Black Cluster" "Securing your system is easier today, Keep your OS and AV updated. And set proper rules for your firewall, then you can fear nothing. (BC)"
    "scratchONtheBOX" "And PASSWORDS are like real-life KEYS, the better they are designed/created (uniqueness), the harder they are cracked."
    "foxyloxley" "If in doubt ......................DON'T"
    "hexadecimal" ".: Hardware Tip :. when repairing your desktop or laptop, always check your cables! You will be mad at yourself when you spend 200$ on new parts when it was a crappy IDE or connector cable that usualy comes free with drives and boards."
    "Black Cluster" "NEVER EVER install two OSs on the same partition, as this would cause troubles. ""BC"""
    "gore" "Editing /etc/securetty and only allowing /dev/tty1 makes it very hard for someone to breka into your *NIX box. This tells the OS you ONLY want root to be able to log in from the first console. It's not fool proof but it adds another step to the process kn"
    "Striek" "No security is worse than false security."
    "gore" "Making an actual good password easy to remember can be very hard. A way I've been using for a long time is by making sentences or phrases, into password. For example: I love the Misfits, and I really like the songs they make. Well I could take lyrics from"
    "|3lack|ce" "Always back up everything in case of catastrophe. Do this often because you never know what will fail."
    "Und3ertak3r" "To know your Operating System better, you need to break it many times. To know how to secure your system better, it helps to know how to break in to it.. If you dont want to better know your operating system..then your only a User"
    "Und3ertak3r" "When posting Tutorials Informational Posts: Edit the post in a text editor, check it is readable, and Spell check. Then C&P into the Post/Thread."
    "Und3ertak3r" "RTFM: Read The Flaming Manual: IF you have a problem: Read your software/hardware manual, Check the manufacturers/publishers Website, Use Google or any Search. Then post the question."
    "Und3ertak3r" "Help Us Help You: If ytou have a problem with something, What is it, Who made it, What is the Problem, What have you done to try to fix it.. Try and describe as clearly as possable.. And DON'T PANIC.."
    "Und3ertak3r" "When looking for help.. BE PATIENT.. The People who are able to help you don't live in your TimeZone."
    "Cybr1d" "-Wireless Routers are very useful, but disable the wireless if you're not using it. It could prevent unnecessary risks to your network.-"
    "Cybr1d" "-Before using a wireless router, ask yourself: DO I REALLY NEED THE WIRELESS? Many people use wireless routers even though their PC is 3 feet away from their router and they're hardwired to it. If seldomly needed, disable the wireless when not using it-"
    "gore" "If you have a choice, and don't have any legacy software to be compatible with, use Blowfish as your encryption. It's a lot harder to crack with a dictionary, and unlike KD5 doesn't have many recent problems. On SUSE Linux you can select up to 4096 encryp"
    "gore" "Always remember that a password, is nothing more than security by obscurity. It's only secure if others don't know it, so DON'T ever write it down. Just recently I went to a gas company who deal in client financial data, and the passwords for the routers"
    "gore" "If you use Free BSD and see a UID 0 (root privs) account named toor, don't worry, you're not rooted, toor is an ``alternative'' superuser account (toor is root spelt backwards). Previously it was created when the bash(1) shell was installed but now it is"
    "allenb1963" "When filling out web-forms ALWAYS select ""under 13"" as your personal info is collected that way."
    "white_pawn" "Before making any E-transaction make sure that you see a lock sign in the bottem left corner of the browser.Also make sure that the site has a valid certificate"
    "Und3ertak3r" "Good tools are very hard to come by: Take very Good care of them, treat them with respect, and keep them well maintained.. OH and be sure to pay at the counter.. (I refer to software tools, keep them updated, and dont be a pirate)"
    "treanglin" "Take advantage of the power of newer operating systems and use pass phrases instead of words. Phrases like ""mypasswordispasswordyousillyhacker"" will be more difficut to crack than"
    "11001001" "Never, ever, underestimate the importance of physical security."
    "whatthe" "Don't just tell users what to do, explain why you need them to do it."
    "XTC46" "the USER is the most vulnerable part of your security, Educate them and you have 100 times better security."
    "gore" "You can get the best best best firewall in the whole wide world, you can make permissions strict as crap, but some user on your network has their password on a sticky note on the monitor. There is no patch for user stupidity, learn about social engineerin"
    "Striek" "Deleted isn't."
    "Und3ertak3r" "You want help start Your own thread .. DONT PM memebers for personalsed Tech support"
    "mikester2" "Users are often the weakest link."
    "nihil" "Keep personal data to yourself. No names, no SSNs, no CC numbers, if it ain't there it can't be stole."
    "valhallen" "Links might not lead where you think they do. Take a few seconds and type the address yourself."
    "Und3ertak3r" "Make sure the doorway is open before entering the room.. The bleeding obvious is often overlooked when a computer has a problem..example: Is the power lead securly connected and powered? are you sure it is the lead that is powered?"
    "metguru" "No matter how experienced you are with anything, you can always refresh yourself with the basics."
    "wildred" "Need to send a file securely? File too large for email? Try Fast Free and Easy"
    ":Singh:" "Subscribe only to known Maillists/Newsletters and reduse the spam by 85%"
    "Riot" "If you are running a DNS server that is used for internal as well as external use on your network make sure to disable zone transfers because this information can be used by an attacker to gain valuable information on your network."
    "Riot" "A computer, server and a router is only as secure as the room it is in."
    "Black Cluster" """Remember not to open or excute any file remotely, download the file, scan it, and then open it on non-sensitive-data computer. Opening files in this way is just like putting your hand in dark and unknown hole 'Uncharted water'"
    "MoonWolf" "If you've never heard of spyware, there's a 100% chance that you have spyware"
    "CybertecOne" "It is best to disable an account than to delete it. If there is a replacement user who requires the same permissions, it is easier to re-enable the account and change the name. The SID is not recoverable after an account is deleted also!"
    "d0pp" "Firewalls are like duct tape, it's a quick fix that usually works, but the security holes are still there."
    "gore" """what's this hash prompt on my terminal mean?"" <-- Sys admin of a company in need of a good back up policy."
    "Galdron" "When posting on any forum let alone AO, realize that it should be easily read by members, use paragraphs!!"
    "jinxy" "HDDs Should be a persistent storage medium, but they are not they break. Backup your data"
    "Galdron" "Any and all Security Software is useless unless it is updated on a regular basis."

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