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Thread: Silly Newb

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    Silly Newb

    I'm aware I'm a silly newb, always willing to learn new things haha. Um, didnt see a thread/section for this. Silly question dont expect help. but if I can get it that'd be great

    Going on vacation gonna eb gone for awile....long story short

    Love Go-Gaia but cant be on there for awile and my friend Shares an account with me whos going with me. She loves it GREATLY and feels she's losing gold

    I heard about Bots that automatically refresh the page on the Go-Gaia Account

    Note: Will not give Pass or Account Name.

    I need to know if someone knows where I may find one or if they have one or know how to make a quick refresh bot for the website

    This is the link I need refreshable

    Any help would be much appreciated -.- \m/

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    firefox has an auto refresh extension...
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    Really I didnt know it had an Extention. Can one of you show me through AIm how to make Firefox use its Auto Refresh System?

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    Reloads webpages every so many seconds or minutes. The function is accessible via the context menu (menu you get when you right click on a webpage) or via a dropdown menu on the reload button Keywords: auto refresh, auto reload

    I think you''ll figure out on your own how it works.
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    if u run linux on your box then it may be worth-while setting up cron to refresh your page every so and so minutes. Just LYNX it or search around for GET utility.


    i was talking about refreshing a page in principle not questioning whether the logic for refreshing it was reasonable or not.
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    Hang on a moment folks. I for one do not understand this question

    This is the link I need refreshable

    Errrr, I don't think so! That is the login and index page. The only thing that refreshes on that page is the date and time and user statistics

    I heard about Bots that automatically refresh the page on the Go-Gaia Account
    I believe that these are to prevent you getting logged out by the service provider. A lot of these things will chuck you out if you don't use them for 20 minutes or so. The bot prevents this from happening when you are not at the machine. Otherwise I am sure you have discovered the refresh icon at the top of your screen.

    Now for the $64,000 question. What do you hope to achieve? If you log onto a web page and have a bot refresh it every 10 minutes; then go on holiday for 10 days, what are you going to find on your return?..................that's right, a web page that is no more than ten minutes old

    Perhaps you could explain exactly what you are trying to achieve and I might be able to recommend a solution.

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    Its simple, Gaia runs on Refresh gold. When you are browsing around gaia or refresh after so many seconds, you get one piece of gold. Say for instance you get 1 piece of gold per 10 Seconds. In one day..lets see..math was never my forte (Uses a calculator) 60 secons in a min X 60 Min in an Hour X 24 Hours in a Day, divided by ten. I might be wrong but in one day might be.. 8,640 Gold per day, if I was gone for say...5 days.. 43, 200 Gold

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    Sorry for the double post though, but question. Where can I download Firefox 1.0. Only available I can find is 1.6 or something like that and the reloader only works with 1.0

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    look on mozilla site, they should have older versions archived
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    i couldnt find it on the mozilla sites either.
    maybe if you contact them, they can send you a 1.0 version.

    otherwise, there might be someone (i doubt it) out there still usin it.
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