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Thread: all exe file can't open at MS xp pro

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    Sorry all,

    I try to repair,At least I lost HDD MBR , Repair it again..... the last one.. Installed windows xp overwrite. Now It was ok .I get all data. I don't know what kind of virus ,spyware, worm, Hijack Brower blaster.

    I have found this kind of problem last year, formated and installed it.......

    avdven, AJ said that (It's a corruption in your Windows ) may be. But I don't think so it was a corruption windows. Why I can't open all .exe ( execuable file ) even though safe mode.I can't do also restore point.No malware cuz I only used webmail. like gmail.

    I can say it. It was not virus , May be Brower plugin blaster , Hijack.

    I have Fortinet 60 Firewall ,Norton 20005 , Microsoft antispyware, Pestpatro all are uptodate .

    I suspect the following website ,,

    advice me !

    thanks in advanced

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    I have encountered similar problem today. I cannot open any .exe or .com files. Followed a download from a picture from a 'friend'. It appeared to be responsible for corrupting my ad-aware preferences file. Ad-aware, which was running in 'watch mode' reported 54 attacks on my registry, but also reported all 54 attacks as 'blocked'. Then the problem.
    I have tried but cannot 'merge' the renamed .zip file with the reg key in it as there is no 'merge' command offered on my right mouse button, and I cannot run either cmd or sfc. Any ideas?

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    On this page you can find some utitlities
    But you need to download and run one with name FixEXE

    By the way you may be will need to register some of windows dlls agane
    If you will get some errors about missing dlls.
    But first use "sfc /scannow" to get them back.
    So I think that you can try this
    My simple "massive" Dll fixer
    This will register/reregister some dll and ocx files in the %windir%\system32
    // too far away outside of limit

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