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Thread: Quickly changing IP in Windows

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    Quickly changing IP in Windows

    I've got a little 3 machine network on my desk so I play about with eEye Retina for evaluation.

    I'm changing the IPs quite frequently for hopping off and on the corp network.

    Just wondering if there is a quick way to change IP rather than going through the network settings windows.

    Like the ifconfig command in linux.


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    The windows version of ifconfig is ipconfig
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    ifconfig lets you do a bit more.
    I can change IP in shell with

    ifconfig Eth0

    That would change my ip to the address there. It's a lot faster than going through menus.

    IPconfig just seems to display info or dump/renew the IP when it's allocated by a DNS.
    I was after a quick way to manually set the IP via the command line in windows.#

    Does IPconfig do that? My DOS is pretty poor.

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    Try "netsh" instead of "ipconfig" at your command prompt.

    This may be of use:

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    Yep, ipconfig will dislpay any info you want about your connection and you can release / renew your ip address but only if you have a DHCP server running. You cant change your ip manually with ipconfig.

    The two ways I would probably do it is either:

    Double click on your connection monitors in your system tray > Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties and then select Use the following IP address and fill in the fields with the relevent information.

    The other way is to use netsh as has been sugested

    Open a comand prompt and type netsh you sould then get the netsh prompt.

    Then type the following:

    set address name="[Your connection name]" source=static addr=[your ip] mask=[Your mask] gateway=[your gateway]

    So it would look something like the following:

    set address name="Local Area Connection" source=static addr= mask= gateway=

    The benifit of this way is you can write a small batch file to allow you to do this pretty quickly, just double click on it and you away!

    Im sure there are other ways but these are just the two I use!

    You can find more info on netsh at Microsoft
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