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Thread: What Drugs Do You Do!!!???

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    What Drugs Do You Do!!!???

    Greetings fellow AO members...

    I have a sort of... well... strange question for my fellow AOers...


    Now, I realize that the members of AO come from many different walks of life, and I submit this query at the risk of offending some of you…

    When I say ‘drugs’ I don’t just mean acid, heroin and PCP… if you start your day with 5 cups of coffee, well… I’d say that caffeine counts, too…

    Now we all know that Gore loves his vicodin, and that thehorse13 needs his alcohol after work… and I believe we all owe MsMittens a sweetie-pop or two (*******s)…

    But seriously… it takes a certain kind of person to be interested in computers in general… and an especially boring person to be interested in securing the things…

    Now surely we’re not all completely sober/sane to take up such a hobby/career…

    Personally, I’m an alcoholic (surprise, surprise!)… Well, a drunk, rather – alcoholics admit that they have a problem (cliché, I know… but hell, it’s the truth)… I also indulge in a little cocaine use once in a great while, and I’m always up for some good hallucinogens (can anyone get any mescaline???)… don’t smoke pot though – too depressing (try getting high and eating about ten bread-and-picante-sauce sandwiches… that’s when you know you’ve truly hit rock-bottom)…

    Now, the drugs that I do and the lifestyle I lead have very little to do w/ my passion for… well… shall we call it ‘computing’??? But it does interest me knowing what sort of ‘drugs’ my colleagues are into (could TigerShark be a pothead???)

    Forgive me if this is a little too ‘raw’ for the increasingly anal AO community… I’ve submitted it under General Chit-Chat for just that reason… Just thought that it would make for an interesting post…

    Lovin’ Ya,
    Wiski C.

    BTW - any 'meth-heads' on AO??? Surely the world of infosec hasn't escaped the latest 'epidemic'!??
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    Loads of caffeine..
    I'm the kind of person that gets a headache in the evening if I haven't had atleast a cup of coffee that day.

    Well I am also a frequent alcohol drinker..
    (don't really matter what.. Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Absinthe)
    Not daily but well every other day

    Stopped smoking a couple of months back..

    Do smoke Marijuana (only in weekends), but hey it's the Netherlands.. So it's legal..

    Haven't done chrooms in a year (or more)..

    And haven't touched cocain or speed or xtc for over three years..
    (My wife would kill me if I'd start using that kind a stuff again)
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    Coffee..15 or more Mugs per day
    when I can sneak it.... sugar.. not just in the coffee.. glucoses, sucrose, fractose, lactose, fructose, in chocolate, whatever..

    Have managed to be clean of Codine for a month, so I cant count it any more

    the increasingly *anal* AO community… I’ve submitted it under General Chit-Chat for just that reason
    I was wondering why things were hard to see.. must change my viewing perspective
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    Earl Grey tea, with caffeine and sugar. Sometimes coffee. Coca Cola after dinnertime. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I don't use drugs and thus lead a bit boring life.

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    *Whats patiently for gore to find this thread*

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    - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Kids and 6 pots of coffee a day a pack of cigs sometimes two depending

    I take a maybe a shot or two of JD once a week to relieve the stress, but another then that i really don't do any drugs i out grow that a very long time ago

    BTW welcome back hijack
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    Chronic and Alcohol only
    O.G at A.O

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    Chronic and Alcohol only
    Hmmmm . . . . surprised, to me you look like a cigarette smoker .

    Me, both kinds of weed, and the bottle.

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    OH crap. i'm smoking cigarettes 7 years now and i'm 19 i even forgot it's a drug too...

    so yeah i'm a cigarette smoker too :-D
    O.G at A.O

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    When the 1960s ended, I realized I'd have to cut back a bit and grow up.
    Today it's coffee, and of course an occasional beer. I like the dark stuff.
    Porter, or Yuengling Black and Tan.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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