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Thread: What Drugs Do You Do!!!???

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    Nope, but I mean its not difficult to get anyway, small country wihere everyone is rich means the place is flooded.

    Kids as young as 16 buy 100euro bags of coke in Ireland, weve a real intoxication thing in general though.

    Ketamine is legal in a sense but you would have to explain how you got it since its for horses etc. more awkward being caught with it than anything else.

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    thanx for the answer i was just wondering if your drug laws were different than here in the US and they seem pretty much the same to me...
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    VODKA every night - I've been known to kill a 5th in one sitting.
    Can't get LSD here anymore - Have to stick with mushrooms.

    I don't do any real drugs anymore, I'm married with children. Before that I could do an 8 ball and stay up for a few days, or go on an eighteen hour trip without ever leaving home. But with kids. Being alone for 3 days just to get high is not an option.

    So now I smoke outside, have to get in a car for a trip and drink after the kids go to bed.

    Not so bad, but on occasion I do miss the "Good 'Ol Days."

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    I'm a boring goodie-two-shoes, so nothing here, other than the prescribed stuff I WISH I didn't have to take! Prescription drugs are out the friggin' roof nowadays.

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    Not much else.

    Tried hash, it made me puke.
    Tried smoking, it made me puke
    Puked with alcohol plenty but stuck with it and I've got that one sorted.

    Studied Pharmacology and Biochemistry at uni so I learned too much to want to take anything.

    I've seen rats on amphetamine jump 6 feet in the air, a rat on LSD commit suicide, rats on heroin electrocute themselves to get more rats on barbiturates look kinda chilled though.

    I've got a friend who perminantly ****ed himself up on coke and a former friend who became such an ******* on coke I've not spoken to him for 3 years.

    Never really found drugs much fun.

    Adrenalin I get, used to have the motorbike and I've never had such a big buzz off anything as I got with that.

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    Originally posted here by The Texan
    thanx for the answer i was just wondering if your drug laws were different than here in the US and they seem pretty much the same to me...
    Yeah its pretty much the same, are shrooms illegal in the US? I can buy shrooms in a shop and salvia which is fairly cool in itself

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    I found something out today, mushrooms are legal in the netherlands if they're not dried... I wouldn't know why you'd walk arround with mushrooms if they're not dried or if you're not gonne drie them, but well... I also didn't do mushrooms because when me friends decided to do it I was the BOB (like I made sure noone killed himself) and it all went fine untill we found out they took like 2 times the normal dose AND that a first timer should take only half a dose... It turned into a freakshow pretty fast when a guy saw the devil in a painting of a flower and lay on his bad shaking and mumbling for the entire night because he was dead scared. Someone said drinking a glass of water with sugar or whatever should help, well it didn't. Another friend spent a great piece of the evening talking to a cloud and another totally shutdown and smoked like 3 packs of cigarettes in a row. Yet another was amazed by the carpet wich started to move and yet yet another was doing things with a tree while standing in a little pool in the garden (clothes on) with no tree in like a kilometer radius. I was watching fear and loathing in las vegas with a bottle of homemade palenka someone brought. I still feel that headache.
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