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Thread: What Drugs Do You Do!!!???

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    yeah porn aka tension releaser

    BTW any drug can be addictted rather it be OTC or prescribed or illegal
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    nihil’s posted, but didn’t disclose any information about his habits
    Sorry mate..............the nuns were washing them at the time

    Tea, Coffee, coke/pepsi, alcohol, tobacco. Otherwise soluble aspirin and a spot of cocaine (at the dentist)

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    I'm quite into the Endorfins/Adrenaline too since I found out my dog realy likes running in the dunes (and swimming in the ponds there)..
    Love to go out in the dunes on my bike.. Dog running beside me..
    Got to have good breaks thoug.. My cheap blocks tend to overheat sometimes in descent..
    I don't realy like to cycle long distances.. Or for speed.. But the dunes (and woods) I do like..

    Also reading.. The only problem is it doesn't allways interact well with other drugs..

    Am now sipping a weird cocktail my wife made..
    Something with Apple and lemon brandy and 7up..
    Also smoking some class A Ketama Gold (hashish).
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    Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine....I use it as a boost more than anything else, I am fiercly independant and will not allow my self to get addicted to anything so I take big breaks from caffeine often. Though I do need it for my migrains and late night codeing, those who have strolled into SMDC and been acosted by my random rambelings know what I\m like with caffeine.

    It should be said, unlike normaly people, I take caffeine tablets and wash them down with red bull.

    As for other things, I have experimented, recently tried some shroom, was fun but probably wont do it again, dont wanna play with my mentality all that much.

    To conclude... Caffeine is more of a catalyst than anything else, burns sugars better and faster:

    it is by caffeine alone i set my mind in motion.
    it is by the beans of java,
    my thoughts acquire speed,
    my hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning.
    it is by caffeine alone i set my mind in motion.

    EDIT> I forgot to add Adrenalin, I'm an adrenalin junkie :s
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    Alchohol, shisha (a type of middle eastern flavored tabacco with no tar and is smoked out of a hooka, which is like a bong), and weed...

    But I will never smoke cigarettes, that's gotta be the worst...
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    Thanks God, nowadays nothing. Im too old now for those

    but im missing those i am
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    Drugs are bad, mmmkay. And they make you suck people off in shady resturant bathrooms, and give away good cheeseburgers. No thanks.


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    T3h Ch3F
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    I will admit.............



    -Kind Bud



    Women being the most dangerous one of the them so far.
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    Well I've slipped terribly into drugs since college.

    I smoke and drink coffee anyway.

    I'm a borderline alco, drink whiskey straight.

    I smoke weed a fair bit but not much these days, I do LSD every weekend, small doses though. MDMA (xtc) if its there, Ketamine if I can find it and cocaine if I can afford it.

    All the same it hasnt affected me too bad, Im doing an MA in English now, got an honours degree but its definately a part of me now.

    What keeps me fairly clean is my girlfriend who without I'd probably be a junkie!

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    Ennis, is all that stuff legal in Ireland? i would assume not but im just wondering...
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