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Thread: Possible MITM attack ?

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    Possible MITM attack ?


    I use firefox as my browser (ver : 1.0.6). recently I'm having problem authenticating my self on hotmail site. After I login and every time I try to open another mail (Either by clicking next) or even if I click on "mail" After going through a mail. I'm asked to login again. I also get a security warning from firefox which says "Web site certified by an Unknown Authority". This does not happen when I login for the first time.

    I get this error everytime now-a-days. I also get the same error when I try to log in Using "enhanced Security".

    I have scanned for virus both online and offline, I've also scanned my system in safe mode. I have also scanned my sytem for spyware with two anti-spyware software (in safe mode too). I have used a trojan scanner to find any trojan's but none are found. I have used ROOTKIT revealer but no rootkit's are found too.

    I use WIndows XP with all hotpatches, sp's. My firewall and antivirus and other software's all are completely updated.

    I even scanned Using Hijackthis but found nothing.

    Any suggestion's ?

    I have attached a screen capture.
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    Well, I visited myself, the link that you mentioned in the screenshot. I get the same error in FireFox...
    I think you are clean, or else I'm infected too. Then I tried it from IE and got the message "Hotmail does not support the .NET Passport you are signed in to. Visit the Hotmail Web site for information or to set up a free account." back.
    If you go to then you might not have this problem. (The ID in the end has changed from 2 to 10.)

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    I think it has something to do with the browser itself. The problem does not seem to occur while using Internet Explorer.

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