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Thread: DELL + spyware

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    Originally posted here by Aspman
    Even that is going a bit far for most people who are buying from Dell.
    I suppose you could say rtfm but it's never going to happen is it.

    The move away from supplying a restore CD with the full OS on it would put me off buying from Dell and I was thinking about one for a cheap second PC.

    The funny thing, this is Dell moving /back/ to not giving out a restore disk. Back in 97/98ish they were using something called zz.bat to pull up a ghost image that was on a hidden partition of the drive. They did not give out restore disks then.

    I find it interesting that they are going back to that, I wonder why that move is happening.

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    Heres a fun idea, reinstall your OS then you can pick and choose what you want on there. Then you can reinstall all of the drivers. Then you will have a nice clean operating system.

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    I find it interesting that they are going back to that, I wonder why that move is happening.
    Probably presure from Microsoft, I expect some one has hacked their OEM OS to allow it to install on none Dell Boxes.In much the same way that Dell were forced to withdraw the Firmware upgrade they released on line to fix the broken PPC2003 OS for the Axims' they sold. Someone found a way to allow anyone with PPC2002 to upgrade to the new OS, without having to pay for it.

    The method to hack the firmware was posted on for a while but removed some time later.
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    this was posted on the registry in july, have a look,
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    whether the Myway Searchbar is spyware/adware or not it doesn't matter. the point is that DELL didn't install that on thier systems for free. i know a lot of pc makers put a lot of useless stuff on thier computers but when you type an address into the address bar and it doesn't take you directly to that site then somethings not right. keep in mind i'm talking about a brand new computer. not a computer that has been online and became infected.

    Thanks to a previous post you can see that DELL admits to putting the MyWay Search on thier computers

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