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Thread: Boiling an egg with 2 mobile phones

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    Boiling an egg with 2 mobile phones

    Haven't tried it.
    Makes you wonder what they do to your brain. Maybe the reported dangers were true enough. I now have an excuse for being stupid - my mobile has hard boiled my brain.

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    Cellphones don't cause cancer: study

    Read it last week..........and I've been bending my antennas all this time.

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    I've seen an episode of BRAINIAC where they tried this.. even with 100 phones working all at once, it didn't work..
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    Used to use Micro wave TX masts for oil exploration / seismic surveys, they kicked out 3500w, and could cook a SEAGULL at 1500m

    to cook an egg, throw it up into the beam, by the time it lands back in your palm, it's cooked :

    Cell phones DO emit radiation in the micro-wave spectrum, but, as posted, it is only a V small amount. NOT a good idea to spend TOO long and TOO close, but generally not a concern

    Mind you, I'm heading for 50 ........
    and didn't have a cell as a kid
    so what's MY excuse
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
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    Mind you, I'm heading for 50 ........
    and didn't have a cell as a kid
    so what's MY excuse
    Too many mushrooms and too much alcohol.

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    lol. that seems kinda fun though.. i wonder what you need in order for it to work. haha

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