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Thread: something weird with gmail!

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    something weird with gmail!

    i was trying to access my gmail account

    i submited the mail and password but gmail asked for a file download
    file called mail from

    was surprised so did the download
    so gmail was sitting there on the "loading..."
    so was wondering since we can learn lot of things from coincidence
    what can this teach me?
    how do u analyze this

    tried opening the file with explorer,notepad...
    any idea on what to open the file with

    anyone had something like this before

    i was able to sign in in my account few minutes ago but on another computer

    appreciate ur info

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    I just signed onto one of my gmail accounts for the first time in months and I didnt ask me to download anything.

    How big was the download?

    Can you zip it and attach it to a post here?

    Its hard to say what program to use to open it without knowing what type of file it is.
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    I signed in many time today, nothing weird ever happened.

    A maleware might cause such things .... but they usually do this without letting the user notice it ....

    It would be better to attach the application so we can take a look.

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    Use gMail daily, with IE and Firefox, never had the problem. I'd reccommend getting Ad-Aware, and doing some scanning.

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    well u dreaming...
    me putting that thing for download ...hehehe
    well i think that is something that i could learn from but looks not!

    well the file had no extension
    just signed in, hoping it would ask for the download again but it didn't
    have to go to the same net cafe, same computer

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    Curious if you use a popup blocker. I've had this problem with proxomitron and MSN's sites. Its not that its trying to download a file as much as it doesn't interpret the content correctly and thinks its a file.

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