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Thread: eAntiSpy Netsend

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    eAntiSpy Netsend

    Figured this belonged here.

    I loved this!

    Got a packet capture of a NetSend ( to port 1026 )

    Message read:
    STOP! WINDOWS REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. \n\n\nWindows has found dangerous infected spyware on your computer!\n\n To rid your computer of this dangerous spyware do the following:\n\n1. Download eAntiSpy from:\m2
    I hope I got that right.

    I came from ( China -- go figure )

    That IP address is apparently well known at DShield

    The addresses for the so-called product come form VC "Saint Vincent and The Grenadines"

    I didn't investigate this further, just thought it humorous.
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    smart idea, checking qhere the IP was. Seemed a little weird, though, such good English coming from a foreign country that DEFINITELY doesn't write English that well.

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