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Thread: NIC with Firewall.

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    Question NIC with Firewall.

    OK, I have done the Google thing but I may be searching on the wrong terms. Here's the issue, we have employees which travel for one reason or another, and more & more hotels are offering high speed internet access only via wireless. Now we have a very strict policy that only WAP's installed and managed via our WAN group are allowed to be accessed via company gear. In a hotel environment, well it goes against the policy.
    What am I looking for? A wireless nic with a built-in firewall which we can configure and turn over to these 'roaming employees'. This way we have at least a little control, a software firewall is not my first option as my user community really can't manage them properly. Has anyone here ever seen or used anything like what I am looking for or am I looking for a product that does not exist?


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    Routers (with one or few ports and build in firewall)

    Anten that covers just limited area (for router t.ex.)

    look at some card manufactors sites

    here one link to ZyXel search t.ex.

    may be:
    Allow to run just allowed applications block all others new exe,vbs,bat,com,js,cmd
    Firewall allowing full access to internet and blocking unwanted incomming
    < i am not sure.... but .....

    //some AV have "network shield" that blocks trojans and viruses comming in/out
    // too far away outside of limit

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    I dont think you can get a firewall inbuilt on a NIC, I have honeslty never heard of it.

    A company I used to work for had similar problems and I had to recommend just using a software app. I know what you are saying about users having to configure them but I would rather them configure a software FW that a hardware one!

    The solutions we came up with where, encryption of sensitive files, limit the time they could use the WAP for (we had Half an Hour limit then regardless they logged off and that was it. Not very practical I know but better than nothing.)
    A good software firewall and a lesson in how to use it goes a long way, it is not really that hard to configure it to access a WAP. I made a picture sheet that they could take with them incase they ever got stuck!

    And for the people who had really sensitive data on the laptop - tough ****, no WAP for them!!
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    Nvidia makes a chipset that uses Activearmor. Hardware firewall built into the on board nic. Not sure if something like that exist for notebooks or wireless cards though.
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    Well... Just a thought...

    Howabout local policy restrictions? That could give a fair bit of security when the machines are outside of the domain and it's sexurity measures.

    Of course, you have to make sure that any local policies you enforce don't override domain wide policies, but at least in the short term that should give you some protection.

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