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Thread: does it take lot of time to be a computer genius

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    does it take lot of time to be a computer genius

    here i m talking about knowing everything about computer not about hacking or cracking.i mean a hacker is a person who knows much more about a thing than others like einstein who was a hacker in physics.but when i read things about some hackers who r very young about 13 to 16 yrs. i feel like i m stupid.and i just start trying to know things in few days. i mean i want to take computers as a profession as some security consultant or become rich like bill gates or making my own company. so my question is that are these kids really hackers like ankit fadia or are lame crackers who just use softwares and dont know a thing about the working????
    i want detailed knowledge about computers is it okay if i do it by 25 or that then i can xplore on my own.i m cureently 18yrs old
    i dont want to hack anybodys pc.but i m just thirsty for knowledge

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    so my question is that are these kids really hackers like ankit fadia
    Nice first post. This should be in tech-humor though.

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    Hi RealLongName,

    If you really want to learn about computers and security and the right way to go about've come to the right place...there's lots of knowledge here to tap into...if you're willing to listen and put out the effort you'll need.


    My the tutorial section and read the posts...then ask your questions...based upon you wanting to learn this is how you should go about it.

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    Perhaps staying in school. And as Spec - I mean - My super man ego said.

    This should be in tech humor.

    btw Welcome to AO

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    You can start at any age.. at 12, 25 or 80, it doesn't really matter.. But how long it will take depends on your ability to learn, your willingness to put a lot of effort in it and your definition of a genius. Knowing everything about a computer is nearly impossible IMO. Heck, I started when I was 12, I'm now 34 and I still don't know everything... I do know a lot but everything?!? Every time I learned something there's always some new development that's also interesting. That's one of the reasons I still like computers.. You never stop learning.. There's always something else or something new to figure out..
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    the answer to this question depends on some variables, like:

    1- the willing to learn more and more, apparently you have this variable already.
    2- Your background knowledge about computers, apparently you don't have any. {This is not shame at all}
    3- The topic you want to master. You can't be genius in all computer topics. Pic the one that meets your interests. If you want to be master in all of them you will soon lost.
    4- Time dedicated to the learning process, if it is not your major, you will need more time, this is straightforward.

    Knowledge is everywhere, ti just needs some to pic it up.
    You have the willing to learn and I repect that.

    Welcome to AO.
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    He doesn't care about all that. If you read it then you'll see that he wants to "be something" and he wants to be something before he goes bald and its no longer possible for him to appear "hip and edgy" infront of others. Then agian, never mind me... im just a poo slinging skiddie. Im not some L337 computer beatnik like this kid or ******* ****tardia.

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    Hacker :
    Cracker :

    You wanna become good at something, there's only one way : you gotta practice.
    You wanna get good at 'hacking' ? You have to be ready to read -- a lot. The more you delve into it, the more there are things you don't know.
    Good luck with it. Oh, and don't make plans about knowing such and such by the time you're 25-26. You can get there in maybe two years, if you live and breathe computers (and if you're smart enough to assimilate all the information).
    Definitions: Hacker vs. Cracker
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    good use of misspelling his name.
    ScarynamePostmaker, heres what you do, spelled out and in plain english:
    Step 1: READ FORUMS
    Step 2: If there is something not covered, make a post and ask.
    Step 3: LEARN
    Step 4: Pat yourself on the back and tip back a brewski.
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    Both words are used to describe self important morons who attempt to draw attention through minor and redundant computer related tasks. There is a difference between people who toss the H-word around as opposed people with an actual interest in computers... which is something neither of you understand.

    He wants to get into computers for an image boost. My answer is next time someone asks if your very competent as far as computers go... brag about something and when you have nothing to brag about just lie.

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