So I was attempting to install a dual boot a couple of days ago and was having some serious X Windows problems. Try as I might I couldn't get it to display properly. So at the advice of HTRegz I tried Ubuntu linux.
You can pick a copy of it here

It is a Debian based distro. The reason for this off-shoot was, the irregular updates of Debian. They (Ubuntu) have regular updates as well as new versions every 6 months.

This was by far the easiest install I have done for a linux box and I have tried at least every distro (not that I can see the differences in distro's yet but just to try). This one was a breeze.

One of the things that confused me at first was the issue with root. I should have read the documentation better but I never read until I have a problem. I kinda crash into the issues.

The root account is disabled when you install. Instead, the first user you create has admin rights on the box. Instead of using root, the emphasis is placed on su-ing or sudo-ing into root for all your purposes. They give a list of reasons why and a further explantion

It was just so easy I though I would bring it to attention here.