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Thread: Nokia puts Symantec on its mobile phones

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    Nokia puts Symantec on its mobile phones

    Nokia Corp. has announced it has signed an agreement to include Symantec Corp.'s Mobile Security software on its Series 60 and Symbian OS mobile phones.

    Nokia's Enterprise Solutions business group has been collaborating with Symantec on security, but the new agreement means Mobile Security will be preinstalled on Series 60 smart phones, said Eija-Riitta Huovinen, communication manager for Nokia's technology platforms unit.

    Mobile Security provide antivirus protection by closing vulnerable ports, according to a Nokia press release. The software's AutoProtect feature runs a continuing scan that looks for malicious code, and it also has a firewall. The software can be updated over the wireless network.

    Mobile Security is already included on Nokia's N70 phone that's being shipped, Huovinen said. The company will decide on a "product by product basis" whether Mobile Security will be included on other phone models, depending on their capabilities and the need for security, Huovinen said.

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    Ill wait untill my cell phone get a virus. I wont hold my breath. Cuto's on trying to find another neach market!
    meh. -ech0.

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