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Thread: Pkzip..exellant!!

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    Firstly shaun247, great to see another SA on AO.Shaun is correct if yo do want to practice this kind of thing do it on a stiffie and use data you don,t worry about loosing.You can then compress it to your hearts desire.
    Practise what you preach.

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    Hi vanman

    You understood me correctly I have a cautionary tale:

    Several years ago an old 386 was brought to had experienced problems, and I was asked if I could recover data from the hard drive...............

    It had a 110Mb (yes! megabytes!) HDD and booted DOS 3.X. Unfortunately, someone had used the DOS HDD compression utility ("Drivespace"?) at some time before the HDD crashed.

    The crash corrupted the file needed to decompress the data...................there was nothing I could economically do.

    I have never trusted HDD compression since.

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