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Thread: Vista Transformation Pack Download

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    Vista Transformation Pack Download

    At last, Vista Transformation Pack has finally come out! Despite the name Vista, you'll get whole new update and more functions. Get the awesome Vista look today!
    Techconnect Magazine - Files - Vista Transformation Pack

    A word of the few sites I checked on this the response was not favorable.

    I'll let you decide.


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    Yeah, from the forum, some people couldn't even uninstall it. Things like this are best to try on a Virtual Machine, which is exactly what I'll do when I get home.
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    I know this is gonna sound real stupid
    but hey i'm half trashed a little high and so i'm meant to install this on my XP to make it look a little different or something..

    me wanders back to the "Fun" room

    hmm seems it was easy enough to install, a few clicks here a few there and kabam it's was all done.
    And it doesn't look that half bad actually nice boot screen, logon screen is different.
    hmm might even put my Phlak box aside for a while and fiddle with this.

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    Just a query, is it better than longhorn transformation pack we had earlier?? because that was little buggy
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    Just a query, is it better than longhorn transformation pack we had earlier?? because that was little buggy
    Yeah i'd have to say that it's a hella lotta betta then the Longhorn. With that said though with this vista package, once installed you will notice that it gives you Longhorn options, like boot screens logon screens and themes etc etc.
    So really it's the 2 combined into the one package, the box that i installed it on is only a p3 866mhz with 320mb ram 64mb graphics
    i'd recommened using something with a little more grunt, as when you got a few windows open it bogs down a little, and other then that i havn't come across any error screens so far.

    all i can say is that i booted up the box this morning and saw this vista thing appear, and i was thinking what the fruit, when did i install Vista.?.
    then i logged in here and realised that i musta done it last night when i was trashed..

    anyhow cheers

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    So this is obviously not an official Microsoft package, even if it's a leaked "test only, internal, not for distribution" sort of thing. Right? So, is it full of trojans and backdoors? Are you rooting your box for someone else, under the guise of 'Vista Eye Candy'?
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    No it's not the actual operating system, all it is a theme package that changes your theme to look like longhorn, or vista.
    The person that obviously made this theme has gotten themselves a "cracked" version and copied the themes from it, added some of there own and released it.

    And even if it was virused or root kitted, it wouldn't matter to me, as the box that I installed it on was not connected to either the network or internet.
    So if it did then it ain't gonna do anything.


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