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Thread: Logon hotmail..not!!

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    Logon hotmail..not!!

    Have a customers Machine with a puzzel of a problem

    the problem:

    While the Browser (IE) will load the Hotmail Logon page, entry of the username and password returns, after a reasonable wait, to the same logon page.
    Entry of an invalid Password, will bring you back to the page with the Password error message
    useing a different account on the PC returns the same issue
    useing the users account on another PC no problems
    Cleared Cache, disabled Firewall, and anti virus, run spybot s&d, adaware, emptied TEMP/Windows Temp/user-Temp, recycle bin. Updated MS patches, re set security settings, cleared ssl state, checked the time and date, re registered the cryptographic dll files. Ran SFC, no result.
    did a Autopatch update just to be extra funny..

    so here I am stuck Google is not my friend with clues on this so i am hopeing that some here may have a hint for me on this one.. (please)

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    Strange, IE is obviously not passing the password username correctly, cant remember how to do a repare on IE, long time since I have had to. It involved a reg hack, then dowload and re-install?

    Only other thing I can think of this early in the morning is re-set TCP/IP stack?
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    I had a similar problem once, and it proved to be an easy fix.......once I got my head out of....

    On the machine I was working on, I had to reset the security zone and the secuity levels to default (under the internet options of the tool menue). I also had to allow the site in the privacy settings.

    We assumed that his kid had gotten into the setting and had changed a few things.....never did really find out for sure.

    Hope yours is as easy as that one was. (although it took me long enough to finially back up and check the internet options settings)
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    Failed to mention..
    Seems I am able to logon to AO on the machine.. as well I was able to get the MSN messenger to work also..

    HAve gone through and reset the security settings, havent gone so far as allowing in the privacy settings.. sometime we just need to give it a nudge..

    here is a clue I was given before I finished work, A late clue from the customer (or the lperson who logged the job didnt bother to include), the machine intermittantly locks up???????
    Well not for the 2 hours it was idling on my bench,, (20 mins of my stuffing around)
    at the start of the job I did a scann with my bart pe disk - with Trend and McAfee and adaware .. prob is the defs are nearly 2 weeks old.. the result was clear.. will update my Bart PE tonight, and rip it in tomorrow..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    I think that you need to reinstall windows Script module, may be runtimes too

    And also to reinstall IE

    I hope that this will work.

    And also look in un/trusted pages in IE and rating control.
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    repair i.e.

    you can search for the ie.inf file - select more advanced options and place a checkmark beside search hidden files and folders option.ensure that search system folders and search subfolders are also checked.
    Click search & once you locate the ie.inf file - right click & install..follow the steps

    Hope this help.
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    This Microsoft article Q318378 RepairIE6 seems to have some of the answers you need.

    Open IE and click Help, About Internet Explorer and look at the Cipher Strength. It should be 128 bit. If the Cipher Strength is anything less then 128-bit, download and install the Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack.

    You didn't mention if you had done this, so I threw this in as well got it from DUX
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    Yes "SFC /scannow" is always good solutions

    And also to reregister all dlls in "windir\system32" folder.


    dir %windir%\system32 /S /B > dlls_to_reg.cmd
    open dlls_to_reg.cmd and replace all "C:\" with "regsvr32 /s C:\"
    run dlls_to_reg.cmd and it will be completed in few minutes.
    Then reboot computer. DONE..
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    Just skimmed this Und3ertak3r so I'm sorry if this has already been covered..did you try installing another browser and checking?

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    think that you need to

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