I have an older box which serves are a misc use box, and a few nights ago I re-installed windows 2000 pro. After I reinstalled it, I started editing my 'Local Security Policy' and then turned off several services that weren't needed. Internet was down so I didn't update the box via windows update yet, but the problems I'm having now are very annoying. When I try to create files in C:\, and in some subdirs. I get this message:

"Unable to create the folder 'New Folder'
Access is denied."

Like I said, it doesn't do this with all folders such as 'Program Files'.
I decided since it was a new install, and maybe I messed up one of the security policys that
I would just re-install, but that didn't work. When I put in the Win2k cd(Install cd from inside windows, not bootable) I entered my cdkey, and when I clicked next, and said it couldn't write or locate c:\winnt.sif, and closed the installer. I then proceeded to import security policys from the templates folder, which again, didn't fix my problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be great. Thanks.