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Thread: Wireless Router Recommendations

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    Wireless Router Recommendations

    Hey ok situ :

    Friend of mine is looking for some advice. She has recently got adsl broadband (Tiscali running on a BT line for all the uk people) and wants to set up wireless in her flat.

    The actual distances it will need to cover are quite small as it will only be going between 2 rooms (living room, bedroom) and needs to pass through one normal thickness wall.

    She has a budget of £100 and is looking for a decent wireless, adsl router and also either a wireless network card or USB key (more about this in a sec)

    Its not for a business but really just for her PC and laptop so doesn't need anything to beefy. Just something with decent coverage that will match her needs and some security. Built in firewall would be a bonus but not essential as could set up software firewalls on machines connected to it.

    The whole card / key thing is something else could do with some advice on. Was thinking about a USB wireless key as she could then swap it out between the laptop / PC or could place a card in PC and then network laptop to it as needed but this then means she loses portablity with laptop within flat.

    Is there any big difference between the card / keys performance wise? And if so what is your recomendations.

    Also if you know the router is def compatible with Tiscali that would be a bonus.



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    I would suggest considering not using a wireless router, and just using ethernet cables and a normal router.

    Wireless is kinda shitty, but if she's set on wireless than just get an 802.11g router and an 802.11g adapter. The quality shouldn't vary much between products, but I prefer Linksys.

    Most routers act as physical firewalls, such as Linksys, as for the USB key I would look for any other option than a USB wireless adapter, you'll pay for that choice with unreliable connections and poor download speeds. Get a PCI adapter.

    So if performance isn't all that important than go with USB adapter and wireless router.

    If you don't mind spending a bit more and not getting better performance then I would get a PCI adapter for the PC and and another adapter for the Laptop with a wireless router.

    And if your only concern is performance go with wired.

    And yeah all routers are going to be compatible with your ISP as long as you have a cable running into your house.

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    Hey, val! I don't know what's available in your neighborhood, but I've been very happy with my Belkin wireless router. It supports up to -g and costs less than the others, depending on sales and such. Securable, configurable. Excellent support (my experience in the states). Firmware is flashable, too.

    The USB wireless adapter would be handy, and they work fine as long as your system supports USB 2.0. Use care and match the adapter specs and security levels to the wireless router you buy. There are some gotchas out there.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hey Hey,

    I'd personally go with the Linksys WRT54G... It's a hell of a Router... and then I'd flash it with third party firmware.. (

    With the Talisman firmware the signal will be boosted and there will be added security (including a more advanced firewall).

    As far as cards, I've always like the linksys cards.. the USB Adapter they have is nice.... I'm also partial to the Cisco adapters, but they're a little more costly...

    Anyways... the card won't matter with that router... It'll work beautifully.


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    ScotchGuy, I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say wireless is $hitty, but to each their own. I personally love my wireless setup for warm days, sitting outside on the deck drinking a beer and getting work done.

    As for router suggestions, the first thing I thought of was the WRT54G, as HTRegz already suggested. Employees at work are frequently asking for the same advice, as far as how to set up a wireless network. I've recommended that Linksys to 3 of them and they all love it.

    The router is about $60 bucks, and I've seen a bundle that includes a PCI or USB wireless card for around $90-$100...but thats US dollars, I'm not sure of the conversion rate.
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    You just go to the local electronics store and shop price
    for wireless router and wireless card for the desktop computer.
    Any of the products available are probably adequate.

    I've never set up a laptop for wireless. Obviously it would be
    better if it already had wireless built in, but either pcmcia
    or usb would be quick and easy, and usb would be cheap.

    How do you install an internal adapter in a laptop? Do they
    take pci cards? Maybe she should get a new laptop,
    already built for wireless...
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    By my own, I using linksys routers.

    You can read about them:
    "Download the Linksys Product Guide PDF"
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    I personally like D-Link products, namely the DI-784 and the DI-624S. For the small business LAN I work with, the 784 had proven quite effective and while the firewall isn't the most advanced I've seen, it offers excellent protection once properly configured. For home use though, I'd recommend the 624S. Again, this is all based on personal experience and you should research it yourself.
    Here's a link that will help you get started on finding the right wireless router for you:
    It's a nice little article that summarizes a bunch of reviews done on wireless routers from various magazines and companies. good luck.
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    I have the exact same router as HT mentioned above...So basically im just posting to 2nd his choice lol
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