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Thread: Changing boot options??

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    Changing boot options??

    I was given a gateway desktop that originally had win ME on it, i have formatted a few puters before and have tried different things with google but am unable to find the key combination to get into the boot order menu, there is no info on the puter other than it had win ME and its processor is a p3 1.1 gz

    any ideas?? i have tried all the traditional "f" keys and delete on startup
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    Well this may sound overly simple...

    But have you tried calling the manufacturer?
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    You need to go into your BIOS to change the boot order. When you boot up it will say "Press ? key for setup" or words to that effect, usually it is delete, F2 or something along them lines but as you said you have tried them, have you checked the keyboard works??
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    Hmm known combinations that have worked for me:

    + old machines - DEL key
    + newer and average machines - F2
    + laptops - F1 [if they have a BIOS]
    + dual-cpu I have running a pair of Katmai procs [P3s @ 450 MHz each]: well, one is F2 for regular BIOS but it has another utility that gets called through Ctrl + C

    I'm thinking it should be DEL if it isn't F2 though, if you have a 'boot logo' press TAB and maybe it'll go away... or yank the F2/DEL keys and maybe you get lucky

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    Originally posted here by Striek
    Well this may sound overly simple...

    But have you tried calling the manufacturer?

    Good point Striek.

    More info needed though.

    Jxrry you stated in your post "originally had" ME.

    Did you F-Disco the shiz? As you stated you have formatted before.
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    You should get a prompt, if you don't it might be something to do with how the HDD was wiped.

    The answer should be F2 for a Gateway, although some use F1.

    If all else fails, disconnect the HDD and boot it with a Win98 setup diskette. That should get you the prompt for setup.

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    I was given a gateway desktop
    pop the casing, disconnect the power supply to the mother board, remove the battery.
    Leave it out for around 10 minutes, then re-insert battery, reconnect power cord. turn computer on, you will find all settings are default, and it will pop up a screen asking you to confirm the changes.
    hard drive
    amount of ram etc etc
    it will also give you other options. like boot order etc etc

    it might not be the simplest way to do it, but it will work.

    either that or just take to it with a hammer or something....


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