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Thread: Free Ipods

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    Free Ipods


    Well i was surfing about and came across a site offering free ipods. Naturally i was sceptical as lets be honest most of these are just trying to get your e-mail or other info out of you, so i searched about and came across more and more evidence that this site was for real. So i have signed up and i want to tell you all about it (cause thats how i get my free ipod, read on and you'll understand how)

    Basically once someone has signed up they then need to get 5 other people to sign up using that persons code and that person will then be sent a free ipod. It works because when you sign up you need to complete an offer. Now thats where i thought the catch was but actually you can complete an offer without it costing a penny.

    The offer that i completed was with screenselect. The offer was one months free dvd postal rental and there after it costs 10 a month. Once i signed up i had to wait 14 days for it to register on the free ipods site and then i cancelled, simple as.

    Anyway don't take my word for it, the BBC has done a report on it, read it here:

    anyway if you want a free ipod please follow this link:

    otherwise thanks for at least reading, and its not just ipods you can get that site also gives details of other things you can get like LCD screens and PCs, seriously give it a go.

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    Think it is called a pyramid scheme, not sure about being legal.

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    I will only beleave it if theres a pic of you holding your ipod. Theres so many people that post about it being real when its 'comming' or 'on its way'. Tell me it works when your holding your ipod, and give the specs. If its a free ipod shuffle I really dont care, my mp3 cdplayer is more then enuff to walk to work on or kill myself at the gym. I totaly dont bye it because as my old man says 'nothing in life is free.'

    p.s. why not just sign up 5 more times threw proxys or something? again, gimmie proof.
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    It is not illigal but rather usually frowned upon.
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    As we all know, SPAM tastes good for breakfast.
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