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Thread: Hiding Browser Headers

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    Hiding Browser Headers


    I am very happy that i have tightened the security of my computer network abit more by buying a NAT'ed router for my computer network to hide myself a bit better on the internet, however now i have relised that everytime i visit a website the webserver is able to get my browser info.

    I know this is not much to be worried about but i am interested in network security and have heard that this could possibly be disabled easily by a browser tweak.

    I am using Firefox 1.0.7

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    Firefox has a user agent switcher extention.

    Though, some sites like to see the browser version to display the content correctly.
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    Hi SLx, First of all Congrats on "Tightening your computer network security". But as a good advice don't think you NAT router will do everything for you. Don't forget to add safety packages(AV, Firewall, Anti-spy/mal/adware) on every computer.

    I think modifying the user-agent is better idea then simply removing it.
    Here is an firefox-extension to do so.

    edit - extension is same as given by phish. I was bit late


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    To be honest, your browser info isn't really important. Without running apps or scripts client side, the only info retrievable from your browser is pretty mundane and useless.

    You might as well ignore it and avoid the risk of the extra junk in your browser.

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    I totaly agree with Soda_Popinsky.
    meh. -ech0.

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    Changing the useragent will probably break (and sometimes fix) a few sites.. But there are always client-side javascripts that can cough up all sorts of info..
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