Hey all,

I just updated Zone Alarm on a friends computer for him, version 60.667.000, I would highly recommend this to anyone who has zone alarm.

Before I updated it I ran spybot [after updating it] in safe mode and it came up clean, installed ZA update and it found 8 instances of spyware. Not things like gamespy, limewire etc but "real" spyware.

The AV is a vast improvment on the old on and a lot faster! It incorprates a spyware scanner which is extremely good. The background AV scan it very good too, I expected a delay when opening files but I didnt notice anything. Picked up on some limewire apps he was downloading straight away.

It even picked up that his Logitech mouse driver was logging his mouse movements and keystrokes, after a little research this turned out to be non malicious though, but was impressed the way it picked it up.

Very impressed with it and would recommend it too all