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Thread: Remotely Chnaging TCP/IP settings ??

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    Remotely Chnaging TCP/IP settings ??

    Just a question guys is there any tool with which we can change ip addresses,g/w ip inside LAN ,i mean from one system with administrator passwords we can change ip address of other system remotely without doin this manually.If yes pls let me know it will save a hell lot of my time ( iam not interested in binding 2 ip in same PC).


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    Hmm, ...
    Malware now doing the DNS switcheroo
    Malware does it, but it's not remote.
    If you change the IP adress, you're going to get disconnected, so remember that much.
    What operating system are you talking about? If Windows, I don't know, sorry; if anything else*, yeah, you can.

    * anything else within reason
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    In XP you can do it in a LAN with Remote Desktop log on as administrator and manoveour to
    control panel network connectionsselect network and internet connections then network connections double click on your active LAN or Internet connection right click go to properties select tcp/ip select properties in the general tab click use the following IP address and assign desired IP restart computer and your good to go
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    Like Trevoke will get disconnected...once the settings are applied...but you should be able to reconnect..(depending on the network setup etc)

    If it is a windows xp can use the remote will also need admin rights on the machine.

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    OOOPS i forgot to mention its Win XP professional LAN.............. yup ur right i will be disconnected but my admin PC have diff. subnets ip add bind , generally i only change the 3rd octet bcoz morning shift requires other subnet and mine shift i.e night shift requires other subnet ...........some VPN tunnel issue.Remote Dektop is ok........but is there any command line tool there ..............???


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    If you use a Windows environment you can script the Ip change by using netsh.


    netsh interface ip set address "<connection name>" static <ip_address>
    <netmask> <gateway> <metric>

    Or just type netsh in a cmd box will give you a prompt ..then type "?" and away you go ...

    Or go for Google ... and search for scripts and IP change will give you lots of links.

    Most of these scripts can be used in multiple OS'es to

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    THANX Cemetric.............. I searched google about netsh.........i got a solution of my problem a bit.....To change the IP address of a remote system on the network add the required IP address in netsh command and then the same command can be made to run at the remote system by adding it to the schduler of the remote forum told me the trick


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    What about using the pstools from sysinternals? I never used them and some antivirus software sees them as 'malware' but you could use psexec to do whatever you want on the remote box.

    The tools included in the PsTools suite are:

    PsExec - execute processes remotely

    PsFile - shows files opened remotely

    PsGetSid - display the SID of a computer or a user

    PsInfo - list information about a system

    PsKill - kill processes by name or process ID

    PsList - list detailed information about processes

    PsLoggedOn - see who's logged on locally and via resource sharing

    PsLogList - dump event log records
    PsPasswd - changes account passwords

    PsService - view and control services

    PsShutdown - shuts down and optionally reboots a computer

    PsSuspend - suspend and resume processes

    Some of the tools require that the default admin$ share be available and/or that the Remote Registry service be active.

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    THANX Cemetric
    No prob ... Glad you found the info usefull was a bit short but I was tired and I have to get up at 5 am so I went to bed after that post .

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