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Thread: SOAP Tutorials

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    SOAP Tutorials

    Hey Hey,

    I've decided it's time to learn a little something about SOAP and since nothing was turned up on a search here, it's time to ask. I debated on where to put this, but it seems like the best place.

    I'm looking for some tutorials on the subject to start with and any other information anyone may have. The internet is a hodge-podge of information and a lot of it, to be honest, sucks... I'm going through the XML & SOAP tutorials, but I'm curious to know if anyone's stumbled across any good sites related to the subject...

    I'd also be curious to see if any of our members, who usually write great tutorials, would be interested in writing on the subject. Maybe that's an idea for someone who's been considering doing one, but wasn't sure what to write about.

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    well if you need some tutorials on soap you can have an search on and

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