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Thread: What is a "gray" antipoint

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    What is a "gray" antipoint

    Is it positive or negative...

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    It's neutral.


    It means in regards to assigned points you don't have enough out give out points either the case of the dot in your post profile ( everyone starts out with one green dot ) it means you've received more negative than positive points.

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    I've received 1 gray antipoint from someone. By the context of msg it should be positive ("ty for sharing"). But it's gray ... Is it like ... Only 25% positive or what???

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    Like EG said, it's neither positive nor negative, it's neutral. It doesn't count for anything. Take your comment and be happy it was positive . The person who was giving you the points didn't have enough for his to count as anything. In short, it's 0% positive and 0% negative.

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    pointless posting the thread link there Neg .................
    this is, by no means, the first post about this subject, and, I don't, for one minute, think it will be the last

    the OP COULD try this
    or this

    but HEY, he even posted in the same forum that these two links point to .............. :sigh:

    tell you what, post the 'offending' persons tag, I'll green em up, problem solved, they'll give green next time
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

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    why you just dont read little bit about site.all basic and frequent question are covered there.
    it look like your post are just critisising everything.
    if you really come here to learn ask different questions this guys wilkl help you and teach ypo doesnt matter which topic.
    so concentrate on more positive topics.
    all your already asked question about antionline site is there to read for a start.
    good luck and welcome to ao

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    actually I wanna ask about yahoo messenger problem

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    I am facing a yahoo messenger problem and you guys have any idea about it.I install yahoo messenger and it works well.Now it didnt appears on my computer screen like earlier and goes to minimize.When I tried to maximise it,gets disappear from there.Pls help

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    I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling it, and if that does not work go to the link below as you may find the answer on there. A search on here returned 210 results....

    Yahoo Messenger AO Threads

    Yahoo! Messenger Support

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