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Thread: Who is more knowledgeable when it comes to computer security?

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    ... I would get more out of this thread that way as opposed to just letting it be over my head. I'm interested in the topic, I just can't follow how you present it most of the time. It's not you it's me . I just thought you might be willing to dumb some things down so others might be able to understand and benefit.
    At least some of us try to learn...

    I am the first to admit some of the stuff on this site is WAY over my head...but I try, I search and I ask questions....and I still learn....

    Playing with better more experienced players...makes you a better more experienced player

    Thats why I hang out here

    I guess this actually summarises what I take away from the poll. I still haven't voted because I think both sides have pros and cons. And I tend to assume I'm some sort of sorry hybrid of both.


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    I dont expect the posts to be dumbed are we going to learn if we are constantly spoon fed

    And I am not *whining* about it...I just lurked, read, searched a bit...tried to follow as best I could...and have learned a fair bit...although some of it may be a little advanced for me....I grasped the concept

    learn to read between the lines

    I didnt vote or participate until the thread started taking a .....turn

    yeah, where's your famelater now PUNK
    Then I almost pulled mine out......

    Thought I would break the ice with humor...see what happens

    I should just go back to lurking

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Originally posted here by morganlefay
    Playing with better more experienced players...makes you a better more experienced player
    Very true in my experience.

    I eat as much spoon feeding as I can, but everyone stops spoon feeding at a point and that's fine. For some people that point is before they start. If it's something I really want to know about and someone won't spoon feed me, I'll take the time to research it (If I have the time), otherwise I either don't learn it or eventually get spoonfed . Thanks for the link Catch. I was reading it before work, but now I'm at work and about to leave. I'll finish it up soon and hopefully it will clear a lot of things up in this thread. Even if it doesn't, at least I'll most likely have learned something.

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    Then I almost pulled mine out......
    Bring it on then. I ment what I said the post before, I just added some sarcasm. Really what purpose does this website have if you get directed to google everytime something is unclear to you. Or you get the message to read several books or get a phd in everything related to computers. **** that. You call it dumbing down? Who exactly is getting dumber?

    And for the record, I can't care less if I personally get the posts or not, but you can't expect people to not respond or ask question on a forum. Hell, you can't even expect people to not post "dumb" posts amongst the "crownjewels of knowledge" you find everywhere on forums these days (sarcasm).

    Before the so called "turn" in this thread everything was already said, namely: go read a book if you want to learn.
    Double Dutch

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    Neel... it is a diverse site... I don't think every single post needs to be at a level that every single user can comprehend and benefit from... in fact I'd say that is damned near impossible.

    People post stuff all the time that is beyond my comprehension... do I whine about it? No, first I decide if I even care to know what the subject matter is about and if so... I go research and come back with any questions I'm left with.

    If you demand the educated users to provide a comprehensive background to all their posts (because I am sure even if you just search this site you will fill in the gaps between your knowledge and the most advanced posts on this site) you will dramatically increase the time required for such posts... and guess what? Some of us get our time in a few minutes at a time... and some of us just like to converse and not be constantly explaining.

    I think you should demand the newbies educate their posts up... so this site loses all diversity and becomes and nice gray... not particularly simple or advanced and not particularly interesting or useful.

    Before this thread took a turn it was a converation... if you can't keep up, shut up. I am more than happy and always have been to answer questions and provide documents at my percption of the user's level, so long as they ask... preferably in private.

    I personally don't mind uneducated users who ask for help, what does bug me is when an uneducated user hits google to pick up one little scrap of knowledge and then somehow thinks they are more educated than those of us who have considerable experience in the subject matter. This type of user also leaves me with no desire to explain anything.



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    Interesting discussions. I didn't vote, either, because of previously mentioned reasons. However, the reading has been fun.

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    Typically I don't engage in flaming, however, I take special interest in the case of skiddie (herect3c or whatever).

    What most of you don't see is that he is spoon fed constantly on IRC by myself and others. Being a "n00b" is excusable, being a lazy f@#$ is not.

    That said, I like him in a bastard step child sort of way. He entertains me at times but then grinds my last nerve on other occasions. I directed him to go read because typically he doesn't. He simply continues on like a broken record pleading for help.

    I've never minced words with Neel before so I'm somewhat surprised at his response to my posts. Be that as it may, if you'd like to continue to take shots at me, I welcome you to do so though it would be wise to understand why someone posts before you decide to judge motives, assign theoretical value to the site or simply behave like a simp.
    Our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real. -- Hannibal Lecter.
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    Well it's big larva in tha house with a new handle!

    H3t3ric, stop pissing off Doctor. From my observations he's quite longanimous, so you know you're really messing up. Catch is about the nicest guy through PM's.

    Let me bring this mofo back around on the topic of hardware. Let it be just an educational cycle.


    This one will not be spoon fed.............
    Advancement of course, listen carefully. Look deep within yourself, sk33der Starling. Go seek out Miss Moffett, an old patient of mine. M-O-F-F-E-T-T. GO NOW!!!!!!

    Do a search for Moffett trusted system concepts (first link in google)

    Seek out the bedrock concept

    It is reasonable and logical that the mechanism(s) which implement an access control policy
    must be protected from (unauthorized) change. Our thinking is made easier and our
    confidence increases if there is a set of trusted resources, which we call bedrock, serves as the
    foundation of our security policies. This firm foundation is the basis of our trust. The
    interface to the bedrock specifies the set of resources used to build a trusted information
    technology system.
    The bedrock concept is relative. The device designer, circuit designer, and operating system
    architect have different viewpoints. Each specialist assumes that the interface provided to
    him or her is trustworthy. This trust is a consequence of specialization. A person working at
    one technological level of abstraction is usually not prepared to investigate and determine the
    trustworthiness of the resources with which he/she works. For example, software experts
    rarely know about hardware design. However, they tend to trust the hardware. This trust
    may or may not be warranted. The hardware may be failure prone due to errors in design or
    fabrication; it may also have been built with malicious intent to sustain the same kinds of...........

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    No, it is a Quantum rabbit hole ............. it can be counted and measured........... learn by the numbers. Give into the trusted philosophy........ open-minded all the way, that's how I went in....... the only way in.
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