Chsh and I had quite a few words over this last year. Almost 11 months later, vindication has arrived for me.

MD5 Collision Source Code Released
Posted by Zonk on Tuesday November 15, @04:16PM
from the collisiontacular dept.
SiliconEntity writes "The crypto world was shaken to its roots last year with the announcement of a new algorithm to find collisions in the still widely-used MD5 hash algorithm. Despite considerable work and commentary since then, no source code for finding such collisions has been published. Until today! Patrick Stach has announced the availability of his source code for finding MD5 collisions and MD4 collisions (Coral cache links provided to prevent slashdotting). MD4 collisions can be found in a few seconds (but nobody uses that any more), while MD5 collisions (still being used!) take 45 minutes on a 1.6 GHz P4. At last we will be able to implement various attacks which have been purely hypothetical until now. This more than anything should be the final stake in the heart of MD5, now that anyone can generate collisions whenever they want."