Hey Hey,

We'd originally had a Sept 15th deadline for Insight #15... I know I submitted a couple of articles, but then it just sort of disappeared.... there hasn't been any mention..

I know that MsM is busy with the new job and that submissions prolly aren't flying in left and right for this... however I'd like to see it continued... (Maybe even become a monthly newsletter... with enough community harassment.... come on all you people that fight to say AO should be a community... where are your submissions)..

Anyways... I'm still pretty busy with my new job... but I'm a lot less busy than when I was juggling school and a job, so i'd like to volunteer my time... I'd be more than happy to take over the reigns and start producing these newsletters.. harassing the community to submit stuff... things like that...

MsM: Opinions?

Others: Thoughts?

Anyone even care anymore?